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Brash And Bold : "Our Embarrassing Steelers" Or "Has Tomlin Hit Rock Bottom?"

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
Brian Hoyer joked that he was actually bored at the end of the Browns game against the Steelers on Sunday. Friggin' Brian Hoyer joked that he was bored. Brian Hoyer!! I think this article by Kirk Larabee at 247 Sports catches the embarrassment and shame the Steelers organization should be feeling right now:

Cleveland Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer reportedly poked a little fun at the Pittsburgh Steelers after his team's 31-10 win on Sunday, saying that he was "a little bored at the end" when the Browns had put the game out of reach.Colin Dunlap of 93.7 The Fan and CBS Pittsburgh says that Hoyer's comments are the "rock bottom" point of Mike Tomlin's time as head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers.According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Hoyer said after Sunday’s dismantling of the Steelers that he was “a little bored at the end” of his side’s 31-10 victory over the visiting club from Pittsburgh."How embarrassing. How humiliating. How degrading," Dunlap wrote in this opinion piece on Sunday. "This wasn’t Brady or Manning, Luck or Brees having a good time ribbing you after the game; this was Brian freaking Hoyer. How’s that hit you Mike Tomlin? How’s that hit you Dick LeBeau? How’s that hit you Todd Haley? How’s that hit you Kevin Colbert? How’s that hit you anyone with the surname Rooney?"I’m tired of hearing all about Todd Haley’s wizardry on the offensive side of the ball or his past with Arizona — this is a .500 organization at his offensive command. I’m tired of hearing all about Mike Tomlin’s two trips to the Super Bowl — his teams have been .500 since his staff couldn’t find a way to stop Tim Tebow in a playoff game."We have reached, make no mistake, rock bottom of the Mike Tomlin tenure here in Pittsburgh with Sunday’s humiliation in Cleveland."The Rooney family has the chance to plainly tell some men what they need to do to keep their jobs. Or, they can keep allowing men like Brian Hoyer to publicly make fun of them.

This is where we are kids, the Browns are making fun of us. I joked on Sunday that it felt as if the 80s had returned, but it actually does feel that way. The above article makes a lot of good points. I always said that Tomlin's test will be if he can build his own team. And he hasn't so far. He won with Cowher's old team. But his team seems to lack leadership and direction. I honestly think that he has lost that locker room. These guys just don't look like the Steelers to me.
Brash And Bold :

I've been a Steeler fan since the beginning of the 2005 NFL season. This is the worst state the team has been in by far for me. The coaching is where it starts. On offense, we have a franchise QB, 2 good backs, a
decent OL, one of the best WR's on the NFL, and a great TE. Why are we near the bottom of the league in scoring points?
I've seen some bad losses since I started watching. In 06 the Ravens killed us twice. The Ravens beat us 35-7 on opening day. I know there were others. This one is right up there for me.
Tonlin needs to go along with Haley. My fear is that the Rooney's won't fire him based on the fact that he is their Rooney rule hire.

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