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Braces and Food Cravings

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
The blond twin had her braces put on Monday afternoon. She was so excited to finally have her braces. She was stoic in the dentist's chair. She sat with her mouth wide open, never even moving until they told her that they were done.
She glowed from the moment she looked in the mirror. She couldn't stop smiling to show off her braces. She ran to show Daddy her new hardware. The brunette twin squealed when she say her twin. They quickly talked to each other about the process, often talking over each other and answering each other at the same time.
We brought home numerous papers about how to take care of her braces. There were diagrams about flossing and brushing. There were instructions about how to handle small problems. There was a list of forbidden foods from popcorn to nuts to caramels.
As soon as we read the forbidden foods list, I immediately wanted some of those items. When the blond twin talked about how much she'd miss popcorn -- one of her favorite snacks -- I could smell movie theater popcorn. When she tried to figure out whether or not she could eat pizza if she wasn't supposed to eat the crust, I tasted cheese pizza with olives. (She can eat pizza, just not the crunchy crusts.) I know, I'm a terrible mom. I should have been supporting the blond twin, but every time she mentioned a forbidden food I wanted some.
Tuesday I grabbed a handful of nuts and ate a few potato chips. I managed to avoid making popcorn, even though it sounded like a good idea.
I realize my braces-related cravings will subside. Of course, I do not ever turn down movie popcorn, so maybe that craving isn't due to the forbidden foods list.

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