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Boys and Gifts

By Annie_s

couple-scraps1Men! I really don’t understand them.

I have a big problem with one. We are going out for a while (he is not my official boyfriend yet), we have fun, make out, all the things that a normal couple does but there are one thing that I cannot understand about him: every time we go out he offers me something. Little things! One afternoon we were picking oranges by the orange tree and he said for me to keep one so I remember him, on the other day he buyed me a chocolate, the following day  he picks a small flower…I know it’s cute and I’m not complaining, but it’s strange because he never did this things. Once in a while he buyed me a chocolate, because I knows that I love chocolate, but this small gifts were not given to me every time we got out. What to you guys thing of this? I’m a little insecure here…

Kisses, Annie S

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