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Love Isn’t Always Easy

By Annie_s



Do you think is easy to be happy? That you can wake up on morning and see that you always wanted is coming true?

No, you have to fight to earn it and see how much those things mean to you. Don’t always question, don’t fight the beautiful feeling of being loved. Sometimes we’re sad because we can’t accept that we are loved by someone. By that important person!

Love is not to sit and wait, it’s to get up, fight, cry, smile…but in the end, know that the other person loves you with everything his/she’s got.  This isn’t easy, sometimes we are so close to get what  we want, but we don’t have more strength and give up everything. Don’t do it, just believe in yourself, that you can do it, endure trust and have faith that everything will be alright.

Kisses, Annie S

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