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Boyfriends in the Globe & Mail!

By Broochboyfriends @broochboyfriend

What an amazing thing to have happen:
I was interviewed for the Globe & Mail Small Business Section!!

Boyfriends in the Globe & Mail!

No amount of bolding and exclamation marks can show how excited and grateful I am. Thank you to the lovely Shelby Walsh for somehow finding me, and to my great friend Sarah for taking some lovely photos of me and my workspace. Shelby contacted me a few weeks ago and I am so happy it is finally up for the world to see!

Here’s Shelby’s introduction (which I just love):

Hannah Browne has helped many clients celebrate loved ones and get over the heartbreak. Her personality-packed felt pins, portraying ‘celebrities’ like The Fresh Prince, Ron Burgundy and even ‘custom’ boyfriends, encourage people to wear their hearts on their chests.

Whether it’s a long-time lover, someone on Tinder, or a famous crush, she’ll handcraft a brooch to make ladies (and fellas!) feel like they’re on Cloud 9. Her pins retail from $15 to $40.

Read the whole article here!


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