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Bout of Books- Day 3 Round-up

By Lucybirdbooks @lucybirdbooks

Hia readers!

Almost the end of day 3 of Bout of Books.

Here are my goals…

  1. Catch up to my goodreads reading challenge goal (apparently I’m 3 books behind, even after finishing one yesterday)
  2. Finish my two current reads (I’ve finished 1 already!)
  3. Read my next book group read
  4. Participate in instagram and twitter/daily challenges every day. (actually didn’t manage the daily challenge today…lack of inspiration)
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Favourite #covers can you spot the theme? I actually haven't got around to #reading the #michaelfaber yet. #WhenTheMoonisLow is actually a beautiful #book completely, the #pages have that sort of rough look to the edges, also the writing is beautiful. The cover #furiouslyhappy makes me happy, and it's a funny but meaningful read. #bob26igphoto #readathon #boutofbooks #amreading

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Today I’ve been mainly reading ‘Early Riser’I think I’ve read about 60 pages…but goodreads says my last update was at 5am…and I was asleep then so…who knows?

I’ve only read a little bit of ‘Too Fat, Too Loud, Too Slutty’ I’m about 80% in now.

Today’s daily challenge…

I didn’t do because I had lack of inspiration.

Are you joining in with Bout of Books? How are you doing?

If you haven’t joined but would like to you have until midnight to sign up

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