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BOULD Ideas, for an Unreasonable Venture

Posted on the 31 January 2012 by 2ndgreenrevolution @2ndgreenrev

BOULD Ideas, for an Unreasonable VenturePerhaps one of the biggest knocks on green building, and LEED certification in particular, is that it is unattainable for so many. Despite costs that have dropped for sustainable materials, the extra costs associated with achieving LEED certification can be a financial barrier to building green homes and structures. Some see green building as elitist and out of reach for the less well-off. Stories like this $3 million dollar home in Southern California that was built to spec do not help further the notion of green for all.

This is where BOULD comes in to play. BOULD, a Colorado-based social venture, aims to “end substandard housing through green building education.” As one of 46 finalists for the 2012 Unreasonable Institute, BOULD “partners with affordable housing builders—like Habitat for Humanity—to deliver a tuition-based on-site educational program for professionals interested in advancing green building careers. During 2011 alone, the BOULD team has consulted on 17 LEED-registered homes for low-income families” while expanding to five more states and training 115 individuals for LEED Accreditation. This training helps lower the barriers of access to professionals, making more LEED Accredited Professionals available, thereby reducing costs for these types of projects. Check out the video below for more on BOULD’s mission.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, the Unreasonable Institute strives to solve “the world’s biggest problems by arming the entrepreneurs who can take them on with the mentorship, capital, and network to make it happen.” In order to achieve this, they bring 25 entrepreneurs from around the world to Boulder for an intensive training program. In addition, they bring in mentors from a wide-range of companies, including “the former Managing Director of Investments at, . . . the CTO of HP, [and] an entrepreneur who’s enabled over 19 million farmers to move out of poverty.”

BOULD is currently raising money to attend the Institute. As required by Unreasonable Institute, finalists must raise the funds to attend, which demonstrates their ability to reach others. If you are interested in supporting their work, consider making a donation. The first 25 finalists to reach $10,000 will be selected.

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