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Bottoms Up The Healthy Way

By Demi Mist @Beautyandmist

It's no secret that alcohol isn't exactly the healthiest thing you can put in your body. But there are some fantastic ways to make your favorite alcoholic beverage a bit healthier, and in some cases, tastier too! Here are just a few suggestions of how to make a healthier drink that you can enjoy.

1. Sparkling water is a great option as it is calorie-free and adds volume to the drink without altering the taste. It also acts to counter the dehydrating properties of the alcohol. Add about 4 ounces to your favorite beverage for the optimal mix.

2. Add a dash of hot sauce to your bloody mary to reap the benefits of increased metabolism. This will allow the alcohol to pass through your system more quickly and alleviate stress from your liver. Hot sauce is also very low in calories.

3. Lemon or lime juices are the perfect summertime zesty ingredients. They are both very high in vitamin c which aids in strengthening the immune system since alcohol can actually reduce the effectiveness of the body's natural defenses.

Bottoms Up The Healthy Way

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4. Frozen watermelon adds sweetness to the drink without any overly processed artificial sweeteners. The watermelon even adds a bit of of fiber to the drink. Add it for a great-tasting frozen slush drink.

5. If you are in a hurry, there are companies like Vling that make packaged healthy alcohol mixers that can help keep you hydrated at the same time by their added electrolytes. These are an especially awesome idea because they are a no-muss no-fuss option that lend themselves perfectly to easy portability.

6. By simply adding crushed ice to your favorite alcohol, you get the benefits of adding volume which reduces the amount of extra ingredients that can be added to the drink. When the ice melts, you also get the effect of hydration from the water which can ward of sickness and headaches in the morning.

Bottoms Up The Healthy Way

© Pilar Echeverria | Dreamstime Stock Photos

By following any or all of these suggestions, you can ensure that the party stays happening while being able to enjoy your favorite drinks in style.

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