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Boston Through Instagram

By Elunstroth @emgeorgia
Boston through instagram Boston through instagram Starting from top left:
1. Beautiful silk chiffon that I picked up in China town, I am thinking a headband DIY!
2. While in China town my Aunt took me to a Dim Sum, it was my first time and it was quite the experience!
3.The same Aunt sent me off to Connecticut with her famous cookies: milk, dark AND white chocolate chips plus a little butterscotch!
4. My first dunkin donuts coffee experience, I am officially hooked and am going to have as many as I possibly can while here!
5. Molly and I finished the bottle together after a long day in Boston (outfit post coming tomorrow!)
6. Lush- what a place, I was a tad overwhelmed by all the different products but they looked amazing!
7. Molly and I found the beautiful water front while taking her adorable lab on a walk
(finally exercising)....
8&9. Katie and I at our first dinner when I got into town, the time with her was amazing!
10. Newport, Rhode Island what a place!
11. The sunset on the way back into Massachusetts. Katie's sweet mom wanted us to look at it and right as Katie and I were paying more attention to twitter than the sunset we each got texts telling us to check out the great sunset, Mrs.Carlin knew best!
12. Katie and her precious pup Lucy who has appeared many time on the blog! 
I still cannot get over how beautiful Massachusetts is (and a little Rhode Island)
 so opposite of Texas it is fake! Need to make it back sometime in the near future!! 

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