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Boston Bombings’ Mysterious “Saudi National” Visited Obama White House?

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

Remember that “Saudi national” whom the media called “a suspect” right after the two bombs went off at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013?

The media at the time said that police had detained and questioned this “suspect.” Quickly after, the media switched to calling him a mere “person of interest” and told us that he had been taken to a hospital to treat his shrapnel wounds and severe burn. After that, the media dropped any reference to the “Saudi national” entirely, seemingly having lost all interest in him.

In an April 20 post, “What about that other Boston bombings suspect, the Saudi national?,” I tried to follow up on the mysterious “Saudi national” — that his name is said to be Abdul Rahman Al-harbi (or variants thereof); that he was admitted into the United States on a student visa even though he shouldn’t have been allowed into our country; that he seems to have powerful connections in Saudi Arabia; that FLPOS Michelle had visited him in the Boston hospital; and that the federal government first had said he would be deported (on April 23) as a threat to U.S. national security, then DHS chief Janet Napolitano denied it.

Much of this was repeated by Glenn Beck in his supposedly earth-shattering exposé of Al-harbi. (See “What Beck revealed about Boston bombings’ mysterious Saudi national,” April 22, 2013.).

Thanks to Jim Holt of Gateway Pundit, April 24, 2013, we now have pictures of FLPOS visiting Al-harbi at the hospital, which were posted on Alharbi’s Facebook page!

alharbi hospital

Holt also alerts us to the evidence below of Alharbi, who is on a terrorist watchlist, having visited the White House several times since 2009.


Here are the dates:

alharbi dates

Of course, the White House will say it was another “Abdul Rahman Al-Harbi.”

H/t my bud Mark S. McGrew.


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