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"Boss of the Moss" Mick Dodge Wears Soft Star Shoes on National Geographic Series

By Softstar @Soft_Star_Shoes

Have you heard of The Legend of Mick Dodge? It's a documentary television series produced my National Geographic that follows the adventures of a man who abandoned civilization 25 years ago to live in the forests of the Olympic Peninsula.

Mick Dodge lives off the land without any modern technology, and he prefers to walk and run barefoot to reconnect with the earth. When he does wear shoes, however, he wears Soft Star Original RunAmocs!

Mick has been a long-time fan of Soft Star Shoes (originally introduced to us by Barefoot Ken Bob Saxon many years ago). We've had some fun and engaging conversations with him over the years, and we're flattered that our simple handmade leather moccasins meet his criteria for living naturally in the wilderness. Mick has always held a special place in our hearts and we're super excited about the success of the show!



Here's a still image of Mick's Shoes from the clip above:

More about the show, and about Mick's preference to go barefoot:



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