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Designing the Perfect Neutral Color Ballet Flats

By Softstar @Soft_Star_Shoes

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Designing the Perfect Neutral Color Ballet Flats

While Softstar is all about colorful leather, we also know the power of a neutral shoe, especially neutral ballet flats-long considered a wardrobe staple. Unfortunately, options for stylish staples that are also good for your body are few and far between...until now. If you've been on the hunt for a fashionable and comfortable ballet flat to round out your wardrobe, you've come to the right place!

While our stylists have been on the hunt for new neutral color, it was an email from biomechanist and barefoot shoe enthusiast Katy Bowman that brought our latest Special Edition minimalist ballet flat to life. She couldn't find this foundational footwear in a shape that let her feet get the movement they were used to. Initially, she was requesting some guidance on designing her own custom pair, but after a few back and forth conversations, our newest collection Ballerine color, Macadamia, was born.

Designing the Perfect Neutral Color Ballet Flats

We want to give THREE lucky winners an opportunity to design their own perfect pair of Ballerines! Click the link below to see giveaway information and enter.

Enter the Giveaway!

Beware of Fraud

Sadly, we live in a world where fraudulent social media profiles (especially from Instagram) have impersonated Softstar in an attempt to scam our fans by claiming they must use a link to enter credit card/payment info to redeem giveaway prizes. We do our best to report and shut down impersonator profiles when we find them, but if you receive a notice that you won one of our giveaways then please follow these tips to ensure your security:

  • This giveaway does not end until midnight on October 10, 2023. No winner will be selected until after that date. If you are told you won before this date then the message is fraudulent.
  • We will not require any additional registration or credit card/payment information from the winner. We will only ask for a shipping address for delivery of the prizes.
  • The winner will be notified by email, not by social media, and the message will come from an address with a domain of either or Messages from any other address domain are not from us.
  • The winner's first name will be posted on this page after the contest ends. If you are notified that you won then you can check back here to verify that your first name is displayed.

With so many options for traditional ballet flats on the market, you may be wondering, why barefoot shoes, and why Softstar? Our minimalist Ballerines are handmade in our Oregon, USA workshop using sustainably sourced premium leather and non-toxic materials. Following minimalist shoe philosophies, these ballet flats sport ultra-flexible uppers, a zero-drop sole with heavenly-soft innersoles, and a toe box that provides ample room for your toes. Not to mention, the pliability of these shoes makes them easy to compact, making for the perfect travel shoe!

Need Some Inspiration?

Neutral is actually a category embodying many different "low-intensity" colors. If Macadamia isn't your ideal color, you can build your own pair of neutral ballet flats with our Ballerine Customizer! For a little inspiration, check out these other neutral color combos, curated by the shoe-making Elves themselves!

Designing Perfect Neutral Color Ballet Flats

Anna joined the Softstar team in 2022 approximately a year after graduating from Oregon State University with a dual degree in Marketing and Management. She grew up on a local, rural farm and her passions include exploring the Oregon outdoors, traveling, sports, and playing instruments.

Designing Perfect Neutral Color Ballet Flats

Learn more about the Elves, our company and the shoes we make for healthy feet!

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