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Bosch, LG, and Samsung Win 2014 ENERGY STAR Awards

By Goedekershomelife @goedekers


Every year, the Department of Energy (DOE) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) honor organizations that have made impressive contributions to fostering environmental protection through energy efficiency.

The 2014 ENERGY STAR awards ceremony will be held April 29th in Washington, DC. Three of our manufacturers have been awarded with top honors.

BOSCH: Partner of the Year-Sustained Excellence


Bosch Home Appliances was awarded for their persistence and commitment to efficient product design, obtaining ENERGY STAR certification for all its manufactured appliances, and promoting the benefits of ENERGY STAR certified appliances to consumers and partners.

According to ENERGY STAR, here are Bosch’s key accomplishments in 2013:

  • Achieving ENERGY STAR certification for 100 percent of its Bosch brand major appliances, including clothes washers, dishwashers, and refrigerators.
  • Offering highly efficient dishwashers in the United States and Canada. These appliances use ActiveWaterTM technology, EcoSilence™ motors, and flow-through water heaters to consume less than three gallons of water per load and exceed the current federal energy standard by an average of 19 percent across the entire product line.
  • Educating consumers, sales associates, and trade partners about the importance of energy efficiency by promoting ENERGY STAR in tradeshow presentations, co-marketing and cooperative promotions, community outreach activities, print advertising, and point-of-purchase efforts —garnering more than 300 million impressions.
  • Offering dedicated website content on the benefits of ENERGY STAR.

LG: Partner of the Year


LG Electronics USA received ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year recognition for its leadership in sharing the significance of saving energy and preventing climate change. LG was also given Partner of the Year-Sustained Excellence.

According to ENERGY STAR, here are some of LG’s key accomplishments in 2013 include:

  • Sharing energy conservation and climate change prevention messaging through Times Square’s high-efficiency electronic billboard, receiving an estimated 1.5 million impressions per day and generating a total of nearly 500 million impressions.
  • Educating all employees on LG’s commitment to environmental sustainability, as well as suggesting ways employees can make a difference in the fight against climate change. Through this education initiative, LG reached 1,958 existing employees through internal training; 194 new employees through internal training; and 3,956 distributor/retailer locations trained.
  • Implementing a “Turn it Off” campaign to encourage employees in all U.S. offices to get involved in EPA’s “Do 1 Thing ENERGY STAR” campaign.
  • Educating the company’s sales team of more than 250 individuals on the importance of ENERGY STAR, saving energy, and preventing climate change at its annual national sales meeting.
  • Kicking off 2013 with an ENERGY STAR video showcasing their partnership and importance of saving energy and preventing climate change at international Consumer Electronics Show, which was aired before 950 members of the media and more than 150,000 attendees.
  • Holding 53 community outreach events reaching an estimated 500 million people; airing 4 TV ads reaching 1.4 billion people; and sharing in-store messages with 16.5 million people about the importance of saving energy and preventing climate change.

SAMSUNG: Partner of the Year


Samsung Electronics Co. is a digital leader devoted to developing ground-breaking technologies and efficient processes that support its mission to make life better for people around the globe. It’s being recognized for communicating the importance of saving energy and stopping climate change. Samsung also won Partner of the Year-Sustained Excellence.

According to ENERGY STAR, here are some of Samsung’s key triumphs in 2013:

  • Generating over 110 million impressions through its innovative ENERGY STAR climate communications campaign on Times Square billboard, helping consumers understand the connection between energy efficiency and preventing climate change.
  • Ranking first among all business companies, providing 13,291 pledges to Change the World, Start with ENERGY STAR.
  • Providing ongoing training to sales force and retailers about ENERGY STAR, importance of saving energy, and preventing climate change.
  • Providing climate change messaging on ENERGY STAR Most Efficient products.
  • Using climate messaging in communications with utility companies, retailers, and other organizations, e.g., NEEA, Navitas, Best Buy, Lowes, Wal-Mart, HH Gregg, etc.
  • Generating more than 177 million impressions through four press releases in 2013 to help consumers understand nexus between saving energy and preventing climate change. Sent 11.5 million emails with ENERGY STAR message promoting energy-efficient behaviors to Samsung customers.
  • Revising messaging on website and in connection with pledge to further emphasize the connection between energy efficiency and climate change.
Bosch, LG, and Samsung Win 2014 ENERGY STAR Awards by Liz

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