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Borislava Borissov- An Author’s Scrapbook

Posted on the 17 November 2011 by Readingromances

Borislava Borissov- An Author’s Scrapbook

Today we’re featuring Borislava Borissova, the author of “Affairs of The Heart”! To visit her site, go to

Borislava Borissov- An Author’s Scrapbook

1- Favorite Book(s): Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov. If I could choose with what a talent to be gifted by Heaven I would love to be able to write a

Borislava Borissov- An Author’s Scrapbook
sequel of Master and Margarita because its heroes would keep a unique company of mine during the process of writing. But from the original book I would never allow anyone, any time to change even a single word.

I even did not want to bid farewell to the manuscript after turned its last page so I had read a big pile of reviews. It was very interesting to know how other people perceived the same story, characters which found “home” in my soul and mind. The reviews appeared as a kind of sequel and I enjoyed spending some extra time with the heroes.

2 – Favorite Author(s): Antoine de Saint-Exupery because of his The Little Prince, Gabriel Garcia Marquez with Love in the time of Cholera, and Bulgakov, and many, many others. The message of their books is strong. Sometimes it seems to me the characters and the stories are real, and as if it is a mistake that there is the caption “fiction” instead of the text: “based on historical events that happened somewhere in the past.”

3- Favorite place to read: I would love to lay on green meadow with butterflies, ladybirds, turtles, foxes, hedgehogs, wild flowers, watch the endless sky, have a nice book to read and just enjoy life running both in my veins and in everything around me.

4- Favorite movie: Lord of The Rings and many others

5- Favorite dessert: It should be with chocolate – sweets or cake, or cream etc.

Borislava Borissov- An Author’s Scrapbook
6- Favorite hobby:

1. Dreaming – of course, it is a joke, but in the past I dreamt to be a Michael Bulgakov’s heroine in any of his manuscripts, to have the Wizard of Oz talent to be able both of enjoying kids and changing the world for better, to meet Elves from “Lord of the Rings”, to experience being a magician for a while, to be Alica in Wonderland for a day…

2. Photography and traveling. I love adventures. Unfortunately my passion “time-traveling in the world’s past and in the universe’s future that would take us through the ages and help us to experience countless earthly and celestial places” is possible only in our minds.

7- Other:

About me:

In my childhood, I yearned to live in the heart of any National Park somewhere all over the world, not in a big, crowded, noisy town, and to have all beautiful nature, endless sky, clouds, stars, sun, wild animals in my everyday life.

Now I love the old, big cities which are like museums under open sky. I like discovering their ancient places – the scenes of legends and secrets, history, journeys, culture, and unique remains. But I still dream to pet a wild animal – a polar bear’s baby, to feed lion’s cub or swim over the Great Barrier Reef along dolphins and kit babies.

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