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Boots & Hearts 2015 Countdown and Preview #2

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein

We’ve been over the fact that we’re excited for Boots & Hearts 2015 – and we keep saying that we aren’t alone in that excitement… well today, we prove it!

With the help of some awesome friends we are previewing 6 more B&H artists.
Trish – writer & photographer, you’ve seen her @trishca wordmark on photos here!
Shannon – lady of the internet and lover of country music.
Joscelyn – sports and country music fan, we bond over the Blue Jays and banjos.
Trinity Bradshaw – singer/ songwriter/ 2014 Emerging Artist winner at B&H/ fun friend.

Each of us have taken a crack at 3 of the artists in this post… except Trinity, who we talked into writing about all 6. Have a look at why we’re excited to see these great acts this summer at Burl’s Creek Event Park and leave a comment to tell us why you’re excited!

Here we go…

Florida Georgia Line Anything Goes
Florida Georgia Line

Trinity: These boys work very hard… Deserve every bit of success! Very talented, and brought a new flavour to country music … Probably converted many new country fans as well. Can’t wait to see them perform!

Joscelyn: Am I allowed to say that I’m mostly looking forward to seeing Florida Georgia Line again, because of BK’s face? I was completely smitten with this duo when I was introduced to their first studio album ‘Here’s To The Good Times’, but I didn’t take to their sophomore album ‘Anything Goes’ quite as strongly. Regardless, their energy on stage is contagious, and watching their bromance during a performance is hilarious! They make me shake my “sugar shaker”, if you know what I mean.

Shannon: Florida Georgia Line are the band you make your friends listen to when they say, “I like ALL music, except country.” Because it’s virtually impossible to listen to Cruise or This is How We Roll without having a damn good time. The bad boys of country, I can’t wait to see them let loose on the Boots & Hearts stage. Light it up boys!

High Valley County Line
High Valley

Trinity: Love these guys! They were so so nice to me when we were backstage before my first ever main stage debut (I like to call it that), I was very nervous, but Brad’s perfect smile distracted me. Kidding, but great smile! So much fun to watch live!

Joscelyn: CANADIANS! Maybe it’s just me, but I feel a sense of patriotic pride when I hear these guys perform. Returning to Boots and Hearts for their fourth year in a row, I’ll be curious to see if their on-stage chemistry has changed even more, going into their second summer without Bryan being a part of the group. I’m most looking forward to hearing ‘She’s with Me’ and ‘Rescue You’ from their latest album ‘County Line’ — two songs that transform me into girly mush. Guys, take note of the lyrics, and feel free to use them on your sweetie. You can thank me later.

Josh: After watching Brad and Curtis host Boots & Hearts last summer I had a feeling that we’d see them back on stage in 2015. And then when Country Line came out in October, I knew it was going to happen. These guys are a lot of fun when they sing and have a great relationship with the crowd. I’m excited to see them play songs from the new record when they get up there for us.

Thomas Rhett It Goes Like This
Thomas Rhett

Trinity: Haha I think he’s adorable. I mean like, handsome adorable. Love is music, and his voice. He makes me smile.

Joscelyn: Hands down, Thomas Rhett is one of my favourite artists to watch live; he actively engages his audience, takes the time to interact with the crowd, listens to shouted responses, and does some of the slickest skinny-jean-wearing, country-boy dancing I’ve ever seen. With five singles now released off of his 2013 album ‘It Goes Like This’, I’m dying to know… when is he releasing Album #2?! It’s time to take advantage of the traction he gained winning the ACM ‘New Artist of the Year’ award, as voted by the fans — a totally deserving title, by the way.

Trish: Thomas Rhett is no slouch. His dad is well known singer-songwriter Rhett Akins and Thomas is an amazing singer-songwriter in his own right. I was lucky enough to see him close up at Toronto’s Rock’n’ Horse Saloon while he was here on tour with Miranda Lambert. He’s a charmer, has a great voice and that man can move! Make sure you put Thomas on your list.

Chad Brownlee The Fighters
Chad Brownlee

Trinity: I really dig his music! Haven’t met him yet, although I hope to maybe bump into him this year – who knows. Love his voice… Haven’t caught him live yet, so I sure hope to this year!!

Trish: My first year covering Boots and Hearts Chad Brownlee played the main stage on the Saturday. The crowd was very responsive and I’ll admit, he turned my head. But, a pretty face will only take you so far in the music world. Chad backs up his good looks with some pretty great guitar skills and a wonderful tone. Honestly, I’m surprised the world isn’t kicking down his door. Tall, handsome, talented, I’m a fan of the baseball cap, his voice and the tattoos. Chad can sing for me anytime.

Shannon: A Canadian hockey player who sings country? He’s every small town girl’s dream, including mine. But aside from the fact that Chad is charming, sexy and probably super polite (yay Canada) he’s got a great voice and an incredibly unique sound. A little slower than most modern country Fallin Over You and When The Lights Go Down are sure to have the Boots & Hearts crowd swaying and singing along as the sun sets over the grounds.

Small Town Pistols CCMA Awards
Small Town Pistols

Trinity: Back In the day … I was a huge huge fan of the Wilkinsons … I mean, who wasn’t! I would love to see Amanda and Tyler perform.

Trish: You may know Amanda and Tyler Wilkinson from The Wilkinsons. They played with their dad Steve from 1997 until 2009. Amanda and Tyler released their debut album in 2013 and by 2014 they’d taken home the CCMA Group or Duo of the year award. Amanda’s deep rich voice is riveting and when they sing together, wow.

Josh: I have loved Tyler and Amanda since they were singing with their dad as The Wilkinsons. And I’ve been waiting somewhat patiently to see them at Boots & Hearts since 2012. In fact, I’ve predicted them more than once. I really hope we get to hear songs like Colour Blind and Blame It On The Radio as well as covers like Fast Car and old tunes like 26 Cents, Jimmy’s Got A Girlfriend and Fly.

Dylan Scott Lay It On Me
Dylan Scott

Trinity: I admire songwriters … And he’s a great one! Moved to Nashville, and made it! Love his new single and can’t wait to hear more


Shannon: If you don’t fall in love with Dylan the first time you hear his smooth as silk, rough as whiskey voice pouring through your headphones, then I’m sorry but I don’t quite understand you as a person. Whether he’s tackling tunes made famous by Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran or treating you to his original work this young man is old-school country fabulous. The first time I heard Making This Boy Go Crazy I was about 90% sure that he was somehow related to Chris Young and Josh Turner, of course he isn’t…. sadly, because what a trio that would be!? If Dylan has half the charisma on stage that he does on camera I’m sure that he’ll be one of the best performances at Boots & Hearts this year.

Josh: Since I first looked into getting Dylan to do a Q&A with us I’ve been hooked. His voice is exactly what I wish I sounded like when I sing. I love this covers of Thinking Out Loud and When I Was Your Man, and this young man is absolutely killing it with his own tracks Making This Boy Go Crazy and Lay It On Me. In his Q&A Dylan promised a lot of smiles, a lot of energy and a lot of fun when he takes the stage at Boots & Hearts. I can’t wait to see it.

Alright kids, that’s all for today. Leave us a comment telling us who you’re excited for at Boots & Hearts 2015. And in case you missed it, check out the 1st preview we did with Trinity where we looked at Eric Church, Brad Paisley, Little Big Town, Kira Isabella, Dallas Smith and Maddie & Tae. 

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