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Boots Build Up Removal Shampoo

By Beckysmakeup @beckysMABBlogs
Boots build up removal shampooBoots build up removal shampoo review If you suffer with hair on the oily side (sounds better than greasy) then you will understand my predicament. I have to wash my hair almost every day, every other at a push, thank you dry shampoo! I know on one hand people say that its bad for your hair washing every day but sometimes my hair just needs it or else it is totally unmanageable. I had heard that using a detox shampoo once a week and ensuring my hairbrushes were clean was a step in the right direction. So out came the baby shampoo and I got to work on my brushes, cleaning all the old hair and gunk (gross) from them. Then it was down to business with a detoxifying shampoo. It has surprised me the limited amounts of these on the market and bar opting for a bottle of washing up liquid it has taken me a while to hunt one down that works for me. I toyed briefly with the idea of the Bumble and Bumble Sunday shampoo however it is not recommended for coloured hair and me being a coloured hair girl it was not going to work. I also tried a small travel sized bottle of the Tresemmé detox shampoo but this left my hair literally stripped of any moisture whatsoever. So when I heard that Boots had a detoxifying shampoo from their own range I was intrigued. Priced at less than a fiver this is like magic in a bottle. OK, so it smells of nothing so don't go expecting to have luscious scented tresses after use but it does the business. For one it lathers up a treat, OK, I should not judge a shampoo by its ability to lather, and it is probably a sign that it is full of rubbish right? But there is something about a shampoo that lathers well and leaves my hair feeling squeaky clean. After using this once, twice if I have used a good few products through the week, I add lashings of the Aussie 3 minute miracle and then rinse thoroughly. This mundane task is usually carried out on a Sunday night and I tend to spend twice as long rinsing to ensure that every minuscule of product has been removed. Afterwards I towel dry and leave to completely dry naturally before heading to bed. I think a combination of cleaner brushes and this shampoo once a week has meant I am able to go 2 days without washing tops, but it is a start. It leaves my hair feeling super clean without drying it out as the Tresemmé one did. I think this has to be my bargain product of the month! 
Boots build up removal shampoo is priced at £3.49. I tried to find this online for you guys but this specific one isn't on the website so I am presuming this is in selected stores only. 
Boots Build Up Removal Shampoo

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