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Boondi Laddoo

By Pavani @napavani
Wish you all a very Happy Ugadhi. Andhariki Vijaya naama samvathsara Subhakankshalu
Blogging Marathon# 27: Week 2/ Day 2 Theme: Traditional Dishes Dish: Boondi Laddoo This year's Ugadhi day has been a little confusing. Everyone in India is celebrating on April 11th, whereas the North American telugu calendars say it is the 10th. So 10th it is for us NRIs in America and hence the wishes a day early.
For the second day of traditional dishes I chose to post the boondi laddoos that my mom made. I think  my mom makes the best home made boondi laddoos that I've ever tasted. I remember her sitting on a small stool with the stove on the floor and making these laddoos almost like Sridevi in English Vinglish. Like I said before I wish I had learnt making these earlier because most of the traditional dishes need practice to perfect the technique. Well, I guess it's never too late to start trying. Hopefully I can learn to make at least some of these goodies soon.
Boondi Laddoo
You can easily tell the difference between a well made boondi laddoos and a so-so laddoo. Some of the store-bought ones, you can see the sugar crusted all over the top and they are too dry to eat, a well made one very moist and there is no extra crunchiness from the sugar.
This is one of those recipes which has very few ingredients and those are the crucial ones. Fresh besan/ chickpea flour is best here, so don't use the bag that's been sitting in the pantry for over 6 months (ahem... I bought a new bag after my mom said that!!!!!). Consistency of sugar syrup is another important factor--it should be 1-string consistency to get the best juicy laddoos. Boondi Laddoo
Ingredients: Makes about 15-18 medium size laddoos Besan (Chick pea flour) - 1 cup Sugar - 1cup Ground Cardamom - 1tsp
Cashews - 3tbsp, roughly chopped
Raisins - 3tbsp
  • Fry cashews and raisins in 1tbsp oil and set aside until ready to use.
  • For the Sugar Syrup: In the meantime combine sugar with ½cup of water in a heavy bottom pan. Bring the mixture to a boil and let it simmer until it reaches one string consistency. Keep it warm.
  • For the Boondi: Add water to besan and make a batter that has buttermilk/ pancake consistency. You should be able to pour through the round holed ladle. 
  • Heat oil for deep frying on medium heat. Pour the chickpea batter on the round hole ladle and spread it around so even shaped round boondi falls into the hot oil. Fry only boondi only till it changes to light golden color. Frying any more would make the boondi too crispy and it will not absorb sugar syrup properly.
  • Remove the boondi with a perforated spoon and put it directly into the sugar syrup. Once all the boondi making is done and added to the syrup, mix in the roasted cashews and raisins and mix well and once it is cool enough to handle, form into lemon size balls. Let cool and store in an airtight container. These will last for at least 10 days if well stored (and if not gobbled up before that).
Boondi Laddoo Lets check out what my fellow marathoners have cooked today for BM# 27. Signature

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