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Book Spotlight: "It Never Ends: Mothering Middle-Aged Daughters" by Sandra Butler and Nan Fink Gefen

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Book Spotlight: Never Ends: Mothering Middle-Aged Daughters
Book Spotlight: Never Ends: Mothering Middle-Aged DaughtersIt Never Ends: Mothering Middle-Aged Daughters
by Sandra Butler and Nan Fink Gefen
As mothers and daughters age, their relationship shifts and changes in complex and often demanding ways. In It Never Ends, women speak openly about the satisfactions and sorrows of mothering middle-aged daughters and discuss the issues that continue to surface, the ongoing effects of the past on the present, and the varied and often invisible ways they continue mothering. Mothers acknowledge an inevitable recalibrating of authority, autonomy, and independence now that they no longer are as central in the lives of their daughters as they once were.
In these pages mothers reveal the courage that comes with aging and their engagement in a time of reckoning: acknowledging past mistakes, forgiving themselves and their daughters, and moving toward a greater acceptance of their connection in all its human imperfection.
Psychotherapist and journalist Nan Fink Gefen and co-producer and award-winning documentarian Sandra Butler have teamed up to put together a one-of-a kind self-help book to help older mothers continue caring and mothering their daughters -- no matter their age.
With first-hand accounts from over 75 moms, It Never Ends: Mothering Middle-Aged Daughters (out Oct. 10) provides readers with strategies and techniques they can adopt to balance their own aging alongside that of their daughters. It’s an intriguing and relatable fall read that you won’t want to miss!
Book Spotlight: Never Ends: Mothering Middle-Aged DaughtersAbout the Authors:
Nan Fink Gefen is the author of Stranger in the Midst: A Memoir of Spiritual Discovery, Discovering Jewish Meditation, and Clear Lake: A Novel, winner of the IndieFab Gold Award for general fiction. After fifteen years in practice as a psychotherapist, she became the cofounding publisher in 1986 of Tikkun magazine, a journal of politics, culture, and society. In 2007 she founded Persimmon Tree: An Online Magazine of the Arts by Women Over Sixty, where she remains as publisher. Nan lives with her husband in Berkeley CA. Their blended family includes seven children and ten grandchildren.
Book Spotlight: Never Ends: Mothering Middle-Aged DaughtersSandra Butler is the author of Conspiracy of Silence: The Trauma of Incest. Her second book, Cancer in Two Voices, coauthored with Barbara Rosenblum, was the winner of the 1991 Lambda Literary Award. She is also the co-producer of the award-winning documentaries, "Cancer in Two Voices" and "Ruthie and Connie: Every Room in the House." She has two middle-aged daughters and a rich community of women friends.
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