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Book Review: Undelivered Letters by Author J. Alchem

By Shivalisingla

Hi! I hope you are doing great. So, I have recently finished reading this book called “Undelivered Letters by Author J. Alchem” and I really enjoyed reading this. It has got a really interesting story-line and is perfect for a light read. Here goes my review on it:

Author: J. Alchem

Format: Kindle Edition

File Size: 1479.0 KB

Print Length: 70 pages

Language: English

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Review copy by Author

Undelivered LettersUndelivered Letters

Book Summary: Undelivered Letters by Author J. Alchem

Aron, a postman with Marioson Postal Service, found an abandoned bag. It had a few letters that were supposed to be delivered – 20 years ago. He had a choice, either to deliver them now or abandon them forever. He chooses the former.

What were these letters all about? Who wrote them? Who are the recipients?
Do these letters still carry a value, after 20 years?

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Book ReviewUndelivered Letters by Author J. Alchem

I get overwhelmed by memories with what the story actually begins while they pack the stuff to move out. It’s when Aron found an abandoned and completely un-touched bag after 20 years which is the complete story turner. The bag belongs to Aron’s good old days as a postman with the a few letters that were supposed to be delivered – 20 years ago, but he had forgotten to do so.

As already mentioned in the blurb that he had a choice, either to deliver them now or abandon them forever. He chooses the former. So, basically this book is kinda collection of individual short stories of people who are some or other way related to those letters.

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It wasn’t that easy though for Aron to face these people after 20 years. He was bombarded with the negative thoughts that they will hold him responsible for failing at his duty and blame him for whatever good or bad news contained in the letters.

The heartwarming stories along with their compelling characters are what grips the readers’ minds throughout the read. The book has a very interesting story-line. The plot of the book holds lot of potential to touch every readers heart and move him/her.

The only thing I felt less was that there are only 3 stories and as per their length I felt the book could have been more detailed. Also, there could have been a few more stories added. Overall, a good and light read with a lot of warmth in it.

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Do I recommend?

Yes! I recommend this book to everyone out there. You will thoroughly enjoy reading it. Do get a copy.



So, I hope the book reviews or the book recommendations on the blog are helpful for you guys. Also, I shall be sharing more. So, stay tuned for that!

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About Author

J. Alchem is an Award Winning and a critically acclaimed author. He is the winner of Amazon Pen to Publish Award, The Best Author of the Year Award (2017-2018), StoryMirror, and Superhero Storyteller Award. The author has written in several magazines and newspapers and received appreciation for the same.

His notable works include three well-received, unique-themed titles; A Road Not Traveled, The Highway Man, and latest Bestselling Award Winning title, Undelivered Letters.

J. Alchem is actively involved in writing quotes and short write-ups which are often seen being circulated among the youth on popular Social networking sites. Recently, the author has signed a short movie contract on his award-winning short story.

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