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Book Review: The Froobles

By Smilinglikesunshine @smilinglikesuns
Top That Publishing have sent me two books from their newly launched The Froobles Series: Tessa Tomato and Cory Cucumber. The characters are based on vegetables and fruits which make them look lovely. Recently, these books have been a great favorite with both kids. While my almost 2 year old enjoys looking at the pictures, my almost 5 year old tries  to read them. The text is simple enough for young readers.
Book Review: The Froobles
Both stories are fun and they  give a message at the end. Now, I have to admit, personally  I am not a great fan of children's books that tries to give a message to the child directly but my daughter has been enjoying the books and that is what matters I suppose.
Book Review: The Froobles
At the end of the books, there is a sticker sheet which is always popular with children.
The books are also small sized, thus great to pop in the bag for out and about.
There are 12 books in the series and The Froobles will be available as an interactive application on iTunes Apple Store from November.

Disclaimer: Top That Publishing kindly sent me these books for review purposes. As always, this review reflects my true and honest opinion about the books.

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By Annaleeds
posted on 29 February at 19:22
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My daughter got one of these for her birthday. She usually loves books of all kinds but immediately rejected this one. She simply does not like the characters; especially not the looks of them. I have to say I find the pictures do take some getting used to and the writing is quite unimaginative. There are many lovely books out there for your children, this is just not one of them.

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