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Book Review – Spider-Man: One More Day by J. Michael Straczynski & Joe Quesada

By Manofyesterday


One More Day, the controversial story that showed the dissolution of Peter and Mary-Jane’s married in an attempt to restore the status quo of earlier Spider-Man stories. I’d heard a lot about it and from hearsay I didn’t think I’d like it, but I was pleasantly surprised. Now, let me say first and foremost that I still don’t like the decision and even when I’m reading the story it feels like the conclusion is there because it’s been demanded by the higher-ups, not because it came about organically.

The whole premise is that Aunt May has been shot because Peter revealed his identity during the civil war, and now he’s desperate to do anything to save her. Iron Man can’t help, nor can Doctor Strange, the only person is Mephisto…but he wants something sacred in exchange.

Now, the way the story is presented is well done and I found it quite emotional. The story has a good amount of tragedy as Peter searches for a solution, and it’s made clear that the reason he’s so insistent to undo May’s injury is because he feels it’s his responsibility. Honestly though, when it comes to the actual decision I don’t think there’s as much discussion as there should be. Mary-Jane and Peter come to a decision pretty quickly, and although the book is called One More Day the actual day is over in a matter of panels. When presented with the deal from Mephisto, there’s barely any hesitation and I hated this because there was no thought that some prices are too high.

And if the story was part of an arc where Peter and Mary-Jane had to then search for each other to retrieve what they had sacrificed then it might be okay, but it feels like this is the end of something to usher in a new era, and it’s a sad way to leave things because it very much feels like the villain has won.

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