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Book Review of Two Leaves and a Bud

By Levyingkishan
Book Review of Two leaves and a bud
Life is mysterious! And Nature is the biggest scientist!
One split second the world can turn upside down. Just like fate that can change in split second. One moment ago you might have lost everything and the next minute it might get changes and you might have everything that you ever wished for.
Life is totally unpredictable. Its fine if we can’t comprehend what is happening in the present, because there are forces behind that moment that we are completely unaware of. Just because of the fact that we don’t have the devices or patience to see the unseen.
The book “Two leaves and a bud,” has captured the very essence of life and the day to day happenings of life, on paper. While reading the book I was in complete awe of the in-depth analysis of the author about the people’s daily life.
Turn to page no -158
I wonder about the way people behave at the site of the tragedy. The journalists who arrived at the spit form nowhere tried to extract as much information as possible from those injured and the onlookers…………. The canteen boy appeared and offered tea and snacks at double the cost.”
I have omitted a few lines on purpose of the above paragraph, you need to buy the book what find the missing lines. Whatever the author has explained does really happen in the real world. These intricate moments carved out from the obvious makes for a stunning book and shows the commitment of the author to his work.
What I believe is that its tailor cut for the characters in the story and how the reader will be impacted once he has read the book. Now this is a very important detail, to be able to write what the reader knows and how he would perceive things once he has read it, for introspection or to understand the ways of life, is an exemplary work by the author.
The pace of the story is good and the plot immersive. While I loved the nature of the story telling skills of the author, I disliked the too much details of the characters and the surrounding that could have been avoided for the reader to only focus on the protagonist of the story and the abrupt endings. I believe the author is working on the sequels as I would really love to know what happened to that characters of the story next.
Overall “Two leaves and a bud,” is an incredible piece of work by the author that will create an impression on whosoever decides to turn the pages and is patient enough to read till the last page of the book. I wish all the luck to the author “M A Chacko,” for the success of the book and for all his future endeavours.

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