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Book Review of Little Maryam.

By Levyingkishan

Life can be very intimidating and at times you have to bend your knee to the circumstances as it presents itself with time. Time is the most powerful thing in the entire universe and you must have heard that change is the only thing permanent. When things aren't going in your way, it must be going in the Lord's way its said.
Saadiq and Maryam's life was like a roller coaster ride ever since the time they first met until it took a U turn and they were separated from each other. Saadiq on the pretext of killing his friend was sent to jail and Maryam was married of to a handsome man.
Can they be together and under what circumstances will they meet if they ever meet?
I was constantly asking myself the question until the moment I finally found out that Maryam had met with an accident and the only person she could remember was Saadiq.
It was a emotional 2nd part of the story pertaining to the situations that led to such a turmoil in Maryam's life where she had forgotten who she is and what her life had been after Saadiq is taken to jail. All she knows is Saadiq.
You need to read the rest of the story to find out what happens next.
Little Maryam is a gem of a book, one whose story will spellbind you in every way possible. Very few and I say with utter responsibility that only very few books have made me emotional, let alone cry.
Hamid and only Hamid has an eloquent way of giving voice to the emotions, that will make your heart flutter. You will fall in love with the book the moment you start reading. By the time I finished the book, I was asking myself how can life be so unfair. You know the language of the heart, it just understands what it needs to and filters away everything else, such is the love story that Hamid has penned down.
Will life ever justify its actions and why it did things it wanted to?
There is emotion, suspense, intensity, romance and all the elements are fused together to carve out a wonderful romantic novel.
Such an ironical name to the book, in the first half you would know, as you read who is “Little Maryam”, and in the second part you will willingly accept Little Maryam. I loved that concept, with which the author has envisioned to portray Maryam. If you ask me I loved every part of the book, it was like I have to find out what happens next.
By the end of the story I was asking myself the question below and got a befitting reply in the end, one that will shake you to the core.
What is life you ask?
Its doing something for somebody, who can't return you a favor. And at the very moment of selfless service, you have brought the space-time continuum to a halt. I wouldn't have valued more had I not read it till the very last page.
Little Maryam had left a mark on my life. A book that has left a long lasting impression on me. There are some books on which you can't put a price tag and Little Maryam is the book.

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