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Book Review of Immediacy

By Levyingkishan

Immediacy is a series of essays written by the author that compels one to think about the intricacies of life and how things are related to one another.
Book Review of ImmediacyHow can your thoughts influence you and still be very different from what you are perceiving at this particular moment. It a paradoxical world where every other thing happening contradicts how you feel or will feel once the moment passes. You may feel good at a moment and the very next moment something else may happen with you and your mood can change.
The author has mostly focused on the Nazi rule and how his family members suffered. I sincerely felt that this book would have influenced me more at the age of 45 or 50 than it does to me at the age of 25. I felt like this is too much for a 25 year old guy to think about things that dive deep into the world of psychology. The author has gone on to say why Hitler was an influential person and how he was a false Messiah, to Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, to a person on a death bed and how she discovers the meaning of life.
The topics discussed here are very different to one another but as you read those essays it all makes sense, but the only proposition that goes against the book is that rather than talking about more how good can prevail, he has discussed more about evil and how to learn life lessons from it.
It was daunting to me to learn so much of truth about life and at a certain point of time I felt as if enough is enough, the author should stop now. You need to follow a pattern when you describe things or want to convey your feelings. But conveying your messages in a way that the reader feels like to set aside the book for a few minutes or hours before resuming again, isn't a way I would love to read.
The book is great for anyone who loves psychology and wants to learn the mysteries of life. It isn't for everyone out there. Only a selected few can understand the true meaning of the book and the messages imbibed in it.
This book was an " Book of the Day".
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