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Book Review: Make Your Own Toys

By Blemon
Book Review: Make Your Own ToysSue Havens has written a little gem of a book with Make Your Own Toys. It begins with a short primer on toymaking basics including a list of terms and hand-drawn illustrations. I'd probably learn something if I bothered to read it. I always skip those sections in craft books but then end up needing to go back to them to figure out what the heck I'm missing.
Book Review: Make Your Own ToysThe patterns are hand drawn and on the last few pages of the book. Each has instructions on how much to enlarge so you will need a photocopier. I do like this aspect of books because when it comes to plush and other projects, you can make them whatever size you want as long as you enlarge consistently.
Overall, there isn't a lot of variety in the projects. There are a couple of different ways to construct the plush and a few different shapes. But wow, there's some eye candy. As you can see from the cover, she uses amazing fabrics and combines prints and textures effortlessly. It's great fodder for inspiration. I just want to run out to the thrift store and fill up a bag on $3 day. This book makes you want to cut up the sweater you're wearing these guys are so cute.
I think this book will work well for all levels of crafters. If you have kids, you could totally help them make most of the little guys. If you're experienced, you could whip most of these up rather quickly. The instructions are well written and I enjoy following the illustrations.

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