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By Blemon
 Superelf!Our little Elf on the Shelf, Owen, is preparing to make his trek to WV from the North Pole. I've got some new ideas Pinned and ready. Last year I wrote that "tomorrow" I would post a pattern for this 5-minute superhero cape. So tomorrow is here.
Superelf!Just print out the jpeg and you're all set. You don't need seam allowances. You don't need to glue or bring out the sewing machine. Just cut felt or fleece and you're done. I stitched a little snap for a closure but you could use a scrapbooking brad, safety pin, or some double sided tape.
Superelf! As you can see, I did a bit of applique. The "O" for Owen is just a red sticker. Make sure you have "no scaling" when printing to get this the right size. There is a 1" marking to help you with sizing but if this is off, I don't think it will matter too much.
Last year I posted a pattern for an easy capelet. Check it out here. Oh hey, that garland in the top photo was also super quick. We cut triangles out of scrapbooking paper then glued on squares of paper to make trunks. Then we cut slits to string ric-rack through (bad idea, use baker's twine or something not so bumpy). For some extra bling, we hot glued some little bits inbetween some of the trees.

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