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Book Review: Hollywood Dirt by Alessandra Torre.

Posted on the 13 February 2016 by Polycarp55 @polycarp55
Hollywood DirtHollywood Dirt by Alessandra Torre
I hate to admit it but I love romance novels. I hope this does not kick me out of the Old Boys Club in Lakeland Florida, but I was probably not in this club anyway. As I was not born her nor did not go to school here in Imperial Polk County Florida. Here is a review with no spoilers, I hope its a good valentines gift to all of you romantics out there.
The draw to this romance was the role of Quincy depicted in a novel. My wife is from Monticello Ga./Fl. Monticello is not to far from Quincy. Actually, my mother in law worked in Quincy for quit awhile, my brother in law played baseball matches in Quincy, and yes I have been to Quincy... even if it was for a short time. So, I wanted to see if Alessandra Torre got the feeling of this region right. Torre gets the little nuances that makes this part of the country interesting. She does quit a great job of describing the things that make Quincy work. She also gets the correct bitter flavor that the locals would hold against a Hollywood Man like Cole Masten.
Cole Masten, decides to take a role that will be filmed in Quincy Ga. or Florida. Summer Jenkins live in Quincy. She is not a Southern Belle but she is southern... like a glass of her Sweet Tea. Summer finds Cole an annoyance at first, then the romance blossoms. This love story is mixed well with local lore and jealousies, the coca cola millionaires, hold the cards of value in this town. Summer is not one of these original 65, she was not even born in Quincy, so this makes her an outsider/insider in this Southern Town.  Okay bad metaphor alert: Summer, the character, is like a strong Summer day, warm, kind, beautiful, but can turn into a deadly summer storm.
Will Cole will be wooed by the warm summer breeze,  or will Cole be destroyed by a Summer Tornado?  Will Cole choose the Hollywood pleather, or find true Hollywood Dirt in Quincy Georgia/Florida?
This book was great and fun read especially for the ones who love passion, lust, and the war of the roses, between men and women. Happy Valentines Day.
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