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BOOK RELEASE: Once Upon An Expat — Now Available on AMAZON!

By Mint Mocha Musings @nicoledwebb

Cue fist pumps all ’round! 

Today is the day!

Once Upon An Expat has been released!

Expat Stories book

If you are curious to know what it’s like to live anywhere from Africa to Asia, the Middle East and beyond…..or you are or have been one of those people living away from home, this book is for you!

From stories of falconing in Qatar, a never-ending bus ride through Sub-Saharan Africa to being put through your paces in a Brazilian gym, Once Upon An Expat spans the globe.

Not to mention my story, “Feels Like Home” inspired by that Qantas ad. If you’re an Aussie you’ll know the one I mean….. it’s all about what happens when your expat posting becomes your ‘new normal’ ….oh and it may involve Tim Tams.  😆 

Catch a glimpse into the good and the not-so-good parts of being an expat. 

Living away from your ‘home’ country brings trials and tribulations you could never have expected, but it also creates amazing memories, magical moments in time and remarkable and unexpected friendships, that last a lifetime. 

Once Upon An Expat will take you on a fascinating journey through the eyes of many courageous (and possibly crazy) expat women. 

If you’re heading into that long summer break, let this be your holiday indulgence! If winter’s coming your way and you plan on curling up with a good book…. look no further. 😉  So many belly-laughing, heart wrenching, terrifying and downright crazy adventures to captivate you.  

Expat stories

Today is the day you can get your copy on Amazon. All author royalties will be donated to Books Abroad, helping promote literacy and education in developing countries.

Click here to order.

Happy reading!



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