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Boiler Not Working Properly Biasi M90 24 S.

By Futli @futlim

This boiler was in a rented house in Watford way A41. The boiler is failling intermitently. Sometimes the boiler fails to light on central heating or hot water demand. The ignition sequence starts and stops just before sparking. ( No spark when boiler fails) Tenent said that every day the boiler works fine untill the radiators are fully wormed up. then the fault develop in the latter part of the day..and every day.. so the tenent had to play with the boiler to get any hot water…. So who are the candidates to be the faulty part of this Biasi gas boiler?..Over heat stat.. no if it is over heat stat the boiler will go to manual resetting mode?..what else.. temperature sensors?…could be…but Not convinced…….PCB?, electrodes, cables? air pressure switch? pump?….the candidates for the faulty part is growing bigger now.. Any way the faulty part was identified and repalced. the same day. Like usual it was not easy to find the Biasi part.. Part center send me to Park Royal branch computer said YES but there was no actual stock…. …It was only my determination to find the part and complete the job before the week end.. which finally paid off. The boiler is working fine now..but I recommended a boiler service asap due to non related reason.
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