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Bogota Diary

By Agnes

Everything you heard about Colombian coffee is true -- hands down the best coffee I ever had.

Gotta take some beans back with me for Lucky.

Loving the local cuisine, below is the scene of my standard breakfast meetings with Ernie (he has clients down here and has hooked me up with a project, which is basically what brings me here in the first place). 

I just wish I spoke a little more Spanish -- appending an "o" to the end of every English noun only gets me so far. But luckily, Ernie speaks Spanish and his clients speak English so I am not even sure why I am complaining.



bogota roofs

my hotel room

 804 is "home" these days... 

getting ready

my view in bogota

My view is amazing and the weather is moody -- two very enjoyable factors, among many others. (Not least of which are local pubs and eateries: not surprisingly at all they were love at first sight.)

colombian crepe

As was the city.

bogota colombia


about to eat


bogota street


I forget the name of this place but I do remember Ernie and I having an in depth conversation about the goddesses Chrissie Hynde, Joan Jett and Amy Winehouse and the perfection that is their music. 


Packing comfortable boots was one of my better ideas (not packing my camera charger wasn't), I don't think we had a day without rain since I got here. Really loving this weather though. 

gotta love bogota

So yes, I love it here.


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