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Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner- United Airlines

By Htam

2017_TAM_9420_D500.jpg@ San Francisco International Airport, CA

November 2017

The hi-viz vest in the pilot’s seat is a clue that this Dreamliner is headed for a visit to United’s maintenance facility here at SFO.  United operates a fleet of twelve 787-8 configuration aircraft in their inventory. With a typical capacity of 242 passengers and a range of 7,355 nautical miles, the -8 is the base model of the 787 family and was the first to enter service in 2011. Helping get the aircraft there is the job of the JBT AeroTech Expediter 310 towbarless tractor.  With over 25,000 lbs of towing power, the 4WD, 32,000 lb tractor can tow aircraft at speeds up to 20 mph.  Nikon D500 w/Tamron 150-600mm.

Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner- United Airlines

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