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Body Positivity

By Tamera Beardsley @tamerabeardsley

Body Positivity
What if we could flip a switch in our own headsand decide toLove Our Bodyjust as it is today.Instead of focusing on our personal perceived flawswe woke up in the morning with wonderfulself love talk to ourselvesin which we marveled inour very own magnificence.That we were so very much more than good enoughtoday just as we are.
Body Positivity
As someone who has struggled a lifetimeof not feeling good enoughbody wiseI have decided I am done with that thinking.
I have realized life is much to shortto focus on what I don't likeinsteadI am choosing to focus on all the parts I do love.
I am changing the beauty standardI carry in my own mind.I am changing it to revel in my own curvesinstead of flinching in shame.
I choose today to decide I want to love, honor and respectmy own body.That is one of the birthday giftsI am giving myself this year.
Body Positivity
I want to appreciate this bodythat brought three wonderful humans into the world.
I want to appreciate this bodythat is active and healthy.That allows me to hike, kayak, and ridein nature.A body that moves with strength through Pilates and the gym.A body that is sensual and strong.
I am choosing to drop any shame I carry of not having'a self perceived perfect body'and instead chooseto marvel in the magnificencein this body that has served me so wellthese past 59 years.
When we love, honor and respect our own bodyit is so much easier to invest in good healthfrom a place of gratitudeinstead of shame.
It is so much easier to dress a bodywe choose to loveinsteadof telling ourselveswe will get the new clotheswhen we loose the weight or fix whatever perceived flaw.Focusing on what we don't like blocks out the light of our own magnificence.
Because in the end it's never really what we look likeit's all about how we feel about our own reflection.
So this year as I turn 60I am giving myselfpermissionto be absolutely fabulous!
To celebrate myselfjust as I am.Not someday when ...
Knowing I more years behind methan in frontis absolutelyfreeing! I am never going to be perfector younger than I am today.
I am choosing to celebrate myselftoday.Just as I am.
Body Positivity Dress by Jonathan Simkhui at 11Honore' - HERE
I am choosing to find clothes and companiesthat support my visionand celebrate my curves.
Right now my favorite company doing just that is11 Honre'
A new company that just had their firstamazing showing at NYFW !
11 Honore' is a size inclusive companywith dozens of top designersnow offering sizes from 10 - 20.
11 Honore' is a company that believeswe all can have a place in the fashion world.
11 Honore' believes like I dothat there are an infinite amount of beauty ideals.
And it's up to each of usto find and become our very ownBeauty Ideal.
Won't you join meand flip your own switchto revel in your own magnificence!
Body Positivity
As always my friends
I wish you love and joyas you style your life

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