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Body Confidence Week 2014

By Boo_brown
Body confidence week is the brain child of Aly and here is what she had to say about it "SO starting on Monday 6th January 2014, I invite you all to take part in #BodyConfidenceWeek2014. Lets start the New Year off by being positive and celebrating our bodies! Celebrating others! My aim for this is for people to feel confident in their own skin. Confidence is happiness in my opinion, and no matter what you look like, you deserve to feel happy and confident in your unique body. Your personal little packaging  I thought this would be a splendid idea and each day we could have a theme."
In the wise words of Bruno Mars “you’re amazing, just the way you are” and so to prove him right post a picture as you are. 

Body Confidence Week 2014

Taken late at night when i was in bed getting ready to go to sleep.

Post your favorite picture of yourself. It’s ok to love the way you look. No matter of your age, sex, race, orientation, size, whether you wear odd socks or not. We love you, because you are able to love yourself. This picture can be one from yesteryear (whatever the chuff that means), or if you’re loving yourself a lot today, then post a blooming picture of yourself from today! 

Body Confidence Week 2014

I just love this picture of me, i think i look hot. 

We’re our own biggest critic and worst enemy! Lets get rid of our own baddies, by throwing the poison apple away, take a big brave breath, and take a picture of the part of your body you’re least confident with. 

Body Confidence Week 2014

 I have disliked the top of my thighs for years, they just seem to store fat quicker than anywhere else on my body and look unbalanced compared to the rest of me.

Take a picture in public. Lets face it. Selfies are so common now that its a legitimate word in the dictionary. People won’t be nearly as concerned as you think they’ll be. And if they do notice you, hey you’re looking good! You go Glen Coco! 

Body Confidence Week 2014

A car selfie, but i didn't actually really leave the house much, just went to my aunts, she is on flood warning so we gave her a hand.

Casual Fridays are a common thing, so why not take a cheeky selfie showing off your onesie, or whatever you deem casual. G’wan, its Friday. You gotta get down on Friday. 

Body Confidence Week 2014

This is my usual chill out attire. T shirt and leggings, Mega comfy. 

Is the day we generally make ourselves up with clothes that make us feel good. Take a picture in your favorite outfit. Why does it make you feel good? Why are you more confident in this outfit? Because you’re super rad and this outfit shows it? Yeah, I thought so. Just call me the oracle, or your personal ‘feel good mentor’. I’ll always be there to call you all sorts of nice names.  

Body Confidence Week 2014

The dress is just perfection. It hugs my figure in all the right ways, and i feel amazing in it.

Nothing is easier than a Sunday morning. No exception for Body Confidence Week! Take a picture when you just wake up. 

Body Confidence Week 2014

Sorry for the lack of make up, but i think i had been awake for maybe 5 minutes. 

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