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Blueprint Clean up the Mess: Step 5 – Organize Your Bedroom

By Bonsoni.com @bonsoni

Blueprint clean up the mess: Step 5 – Organize your bedroomIf you and rsquo; After the series were "clean up the mess Blueprint", you & rsquo; I realized that the disorder process is removing the same, regardless of the room or space and rsquo; re working. In short, turning in order to define their space, then followed by the main categories of identifying to save space, ordering all in these categories, and eventually each major category of products published below as you and what you are using.
The next part of the assembly process is to put your room back together and that and rsquo; This is where the real problem is, that can not be resolved, the other articles in this series, to be space saving solutions dedicated to Smart to help organize, included. and organize your documents and objects & mdash; from your room.
Create a local organized rest, a combination of materials and ideas that follow:
1. her wardrobe and ndash; Make fast, convenient and comfortable vinaigrette.
& Bull; Kit & ndash closet organization; This type of device to maximize your space, and can be customized to your organizational needs. Before buying a kit like this, measure your closet space and count the number of suits, pants, shirts, dresses, sweaters, shoes, bags and want to have in your closet. Go & mdash yourself, look at the surfaces and components, and a purchase for your business that best suits your needs.
& Bull; closet rod doubler and ndash; This small device the space for short-term suspension and will double rsquo; s installation a breeze.
& Bull; Beneath the ledge basket and ndash; This is a metal basket plastic coating provided on a shelf pushes additional memory available.
& Bull; Dividers & ndash tray; This device slides over the edge of a shelf to support the stacked elements and batteries to avoid overflow in the other side. It & rsquo; s ideal for sweaters.
& Bull; Stacking rack and ndash; Ideal for places where n & rsquo solution; t want to permanently add shelves. Buy to add one or more storage units and to make the most of your vertical space.
& Bull; While the device holder Multi Bag & ndash; A good way to save, shoes, socks, belts, jewelry and scarves. Choose one with clear plastic bags and can easily identify the contents.
& Bull; Canvas hanging shelves and ndash; This tool measures the hook, and adds several shelves for sweaters, shirts, pants, etc. You & rsquo; They are also great in the child and rsquo; s cabinet for speed or organizing various sports clothes for every day of the week.
& Bull; Plugs and ndash; Adding pegs or ankle joint to your wardrobe, it's easy to keep your room clean. Just drag your pj and rsquo; s clothing and other items commonly used to it, and they leave.
& Bull; Hinder and ndash; Each room needs a laundry basket. If you hang up space in your closet a bag in the trunk or on a hook, to pull the laundry in comfort at the right place.
& Bull; Lighting & ndash; Good lighting helps ensure that you won and rsquo; t get a shoe brown and that and rsquo; s black. It also makes it easier to put together a team. You can add lighting, without mounting Stick-wiring and click lights require only three small batteries.
& Bull; Stools & ndash; If you have enough space, try adding a chair so you can reach the upper shelves and sit down and put your shoes. Better yet, choose a stool that is twofold: get one that has storage and seating.
& Bull; Perches and ndash; not only looks great wooden hangers in the closet - which take the form of better clothes. Note the type of rebar to hold the pants, the arrangement prevents slippage.
2. Your Bed & ndash; Make your bed in the middle of the room and use it for storage, if you and rsquo; He again denied space.
& Bull; Position and ndash; Place your bed so you have a clear view of the door; at the same time avoid it is just outside the door or on the same wall as the door.
& Bull; Bed linen and ndash; Use the best materials you can afford and coordinate maintained with soft colors.
& Bull; Platform - If the room is small drawers or boxes features and baskets to invest in a platform bed. You can get a lot of small objects in these issues.
& Bull; Riser and ndash; Another option for the course is disputed area put the bed on risers and use plastic containers in bed with a lid and wheels for shoes, bedding, seasonal clothing, etc. If this option is chosen, make a bed skirt storage used to keep out of sight.
3. Your Media & ndash; Go & mdash; TV in the room, but hide when don & rsquo; I care to see it.
& Bull; Solutions & ndash luxury; Hide the TV placed in a drop-down panel on the footboard or waste Mdash in the last invention and; a custom enclosure that the TV is turned 180 degrees when not in use, only looks shelves. (The material for this solution is called Reversica Gyre and can hold up to 600 lbs.)
& Bull; Closet and ndash; Meta television in chest type and won and rsquo; t have to be careful, unless you want to. If you and rsquo; Re working on an unfinished look cabinet budget and the painting itself; It is for d eacute; simple horn. Cabinets also provide extra storage for folded clothes.
& Bull; Comfortable and ndash; If the purchase of any of the above items are not in your budget look around your home for convenient use. Set the TV to build around a box around it, and then add doors in the front.
4. Your Night & ndash; This article should be utilitarian, which will keep an alarm clock, book, glass of water.
& Bull; Light and ndash; Instead of setting a light on his nightstand, look for lighting that is mounted on the wall and mdash; the latest mounting options as an image.
& Bull; Product and common household ndash; His nightstand should not traditional and mdash; You can use mounted on the wall of a chair, bed, nightstand, small closet or shelf. If you want a nightstand on each side of the bed, remember that they should not be identical.
At the end of the day and mdash; all that matters is that you know that your room is comfortable and convenient. Ready for more inspiration organize and mdash; Search for the next edition of "Decluttering Blueprint" & mdash; coming soon.

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