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Blue for Blue II: A Doggone Travesty

By Jhop
Blue for Blue II: A Doggone TravestyDid you guys hear that Butler’s mascot, Blue II, a chubtastically adorable bulldog, has been banned from the Sweet 16?  What the hell is that?  How is Butler going to beat the better-seeded Wisconsin Badgers without the heart and soul of their team?  The muse that has inspired and propelled them all the way to New Orleans? He is like their loyal and drooling sixth man – the players rub him for good luck before games, and he happily chills out with a bone while the team does its thing.  During Butler’s home games, he is even allowed to wander the stands and interact with the fans.  HE IS PRECIOUS.  And this Blue II ban breaks my Duke-blue heart.
Blue for Blue II: A Doggone TravestyAccording to the douchebags over at the NCAA, live mascots are banned because “there was not enough space and because of the quick turnarounds for other events in those arenas.”  How much space does pudgy little Blue occupy?! I am irrationally superstitious, so this makes me very nervous for Brad Stevens, who is almost as cute as Blue II.  Thankfully, if they make it to the Final Four, the NCAA may allow Blue to return to his rightful place next to Butler’s bench.  Until then, listen closely and you just may hear the lonely howl of a furry meatball all the way from Indianapolis.  

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