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Blow To Go - New Hair Service

By Nlakic @natashalakic
There's an exciting new service that my hairdresser friend Oliver de Almeida has set up not long ago and as it's such a brilliant and obvious idea I thought I'd give it a shout out.
Going to the hairdresser's has always been a bit of a pain to me. First you need to book an appointment and then get there, then if you're lucky you don't wait around too much and then you're faced with staring at yourself not looking your best, putting it mildly. If you don't have a life then this might be a fun day out, but for most people it's a chore. 
That's where's Blow To Go different, instead they come to you. Plus they are really good. I've known Ollie for years, we worked together many times and not only he's an amazing hairdresser, but he's super cute and charming, and he's a nicest guy you'll ever meet. Plus he has a lovely Brazilian accent which is a bonus :) The rest of his team are just as lovely!
You do everything online, the booking, picking the stylist, the time and the payment. Then you can get on with whatever you were doing.... Cool, yeah?
This is the website so check it out!

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