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Bloviating Dumps in the Clown Car

Posted on the 30 August 2015 by Lowell

Bloviating Dumps in the Clown Car

I thought we had banned DDT a long time ago. Well, we did, but not the political kind. We still have Donald (Dump) Da Trump with us today. And now this bloviating bully wants to be president of the United States because he's got all the answers and will make our country great again.

When Dump da Trump spoke to some folks in a football stadium down Mobile way, he got suddenly religious - Mobile is deep in the Bible Belt, ya know. He said, looking out at the crowd, that now he knows how Billy Graham felt. [Notice how in one sentence he brags about attracting as many people as Billy used to for his "crusades," and at the same time implying his message is as important or even more important than Billy's]. Da Dump then extended his religiosity by claiming he likes the Bible mostest of all the books he has yet to read.

In recent days a few TV personalities had the temerity to ask him how much he likes the Bible, and whether he likes the Old Testament better than the New Testament, and could he please quote some of his favorite Bible verses. Well, da Dump had to think fast. He looked like he wanted to fire someone. His face turned redder and his hair began to sweat and it quickly became clear he knows next to nothing about the Bible; that he couldn't remember anything from the Bible; and he kinda likes both the Od and New testaments about the same.

A funny aside: Da Dump was interviewed by Ms. Icansee Alaska herself, and she declared that it was unfair to ask him to name a favorite Bible verse. I suppose she relates this to the time Katie Couric asked her which magazines and/or newspapers she read after bragging how she keeps up to date on current events, and she could not name one!

Da Dump says he's a Presbyterian Protestant. That phrase is a giveaway. It would be used only by someone who's unfamiliar with both Protestants and Presbyterians. Then he claimed he attends the Marble Collegiate Church in New York City. Marble Collegiate is NOT Presbyterian, though; it is affiliated with the Reformed Church in America and was the church of the famous Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, he of the positive thinking approach to life.

Marble Collegiate says da Dump is not a member.

A prophet he is not, also. He's been bloviating about how he's going to deport 11 million illegal immigrants but when pressed about how he will pay for it, he clearly has no idea. One big problem with such a deportation is that it leaves you without people to harvest our fruits and veggies, a job that's been handled largely by immigrants from Mexico - legal and illegal.

A Christian he is not. He wants to excise the 14th Amendment from our Constitution which grants citizenship to everyone born in the United States. He would, in a most unChristlike manner, uproot all of our illegal immigrant families, including their children who are citizens of the U.S., and send them lock, stock and barrel, back across the border.

And then, says da Dump, let's build a wall all along the border. Wait, we've tried that. It didn't work. People climb over it, build tunnels under it, or blow holes through it. We've also found it's incredibly expensive and again da Dump has no idea how he'd pay for it.

One might think da Dump's past, which is filled with failed marriages and bankrupt businesses and shady gambling casinos, would put off fundy Christians, but that does not seem to be the case. For one thing fundy Christians really have no values worth speaking about. When they talk about values they mean abortion should be abolished, gays should be put back in the closet and liberals should leave the country along with the immigrants.

So, da Dump's values or lack thereof bother them not at all. If it looks like he can return our country to the 1940s or 1950s, well, I'm sure they think that is what Jesus would want to happen.

That's why da Dump dares to join with da Cruz to headline a rally, the purpose of which is to show opposition to the nuclear agreement with Iran, a rally organized by Tea Pot crackpots (The Tea Party Patriots), the Center for Security Policy and the right-wing Zionist Organization of America to be held on Capitol Hill on September 9.

According to TPM, "The Center for Security Policy is an anti-Muslim think tank founded by former Reagan administration official Frank Gaffney, who often speaks about the threat of creeping Sharia Law and has accused Republican and Democratic officials alike of being Muslim Brotherhood plants in the U.S." He also claimed at one point that President Obama had "slipped an Islamic crescent into a government logo."

Da Trump symbolizes how our political system has turned pathological. It has become a dump where toxic fumes and gasses leak into the air to despoil all that with which they come into contact.

When a field of candidates, almost to a man (or woman), publicly disrespect our Constitution and our laws, we have sunk to a new low, we are in dire straits. Perhaps its time to try another system, the British or Canadian parliamentary system, maybe.

Consider this: Ernest J. King was a five-star admiral who served as Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Fleet and was the Chief of Naval Operations during WWII. When 47 years old, at the Naval War College, he wrote a paper suggesting that the greatest weakness we have is our representative democracy. "[...] our representative form of government has developed as to put a premium on mediocrity and to emphasize the defects of the electorate...[people think they know it all, people are concerned only for their own welfare, people are ignorant of our history, our foreign affairs, and are uninterested in such things] ..."

How a top admiral in our Navy could get by with penning such an anti-democratic and anti-American paper is beyond me.

But there is a disease that affects many of those who inhabit the top ranks of our military services. It's a disease that infects them with permission to think they are gods of a sort, that they know what is best for the country; and it leads to a disease that allows them with ease to slip into the role of dictator. I have experienced this in person. The captain of a naval base or a ship is, in fact, a dictator. He is to be obeyed at all times without question. In some cases, that might work out for a time. In my case, the captain was also crazy. Eventually, he was relieved of his command and later drove his car off a cliff near San Francisco. But it was a harrowing time between his arrival and his relief.

Listen to da Dump, to da Cruz, to da Bush, to da Santorum, to da Carson, to da Perry, etc., and ask yourself if you do not hear echoes of the Admiral's anti-democratic and thus anti-American sentiments hanging in the air around them.

The real danger is not that they are a bunch of clowns or fools on an errand. The danger is that one of them might actually get elected.

All is not lost, however. Consider DDT, a terrible pesticide. Thirty years ago, the brown pelican had become almost extinct because of the use of DDT. But shortly after DDT has been banned, the brown pelican began making a comeback and today they are thriving across North America.

There is hope.

Note: I don't care whether Dump da Trump ever reads the Bible or knows any verse in the Bible. That's irrelevant to the presidency. But if he's going to pander to the religious right nutcases, and parade his faux religiosity in public, then he needs to be called to account.

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