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By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz

One year ago this month, I took the big plunge and uprooted from my native soil of California and planted myself here in Seattle. What a marvelous course of events has brought me to this moment, where I can look forward and say: I want to do this. I AM DOING THIS! I won't say there hasn't been struggles or hardships, but it's been a mighty pay off: feeling truly happy. I'm truly "blooming madly," and am gearing up for a big boom of growth and industry.

It's a Bloomtown.

Let's flourish together. 

A big thank-you to you friends, dear readers who just took a valuable moment and are reading this. A gracias to those friends and family members who have given me such a strong show of support. And I'd like to acknowledge the support of my blog sponsors, the ones who make it possible for me afford the extra time it takes to write about the things I love to share: my +40 fellow bloggers, and the style posts relevant to us. 

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Blooming Madly with You, Honeybee

All sorts of things are about to blossom and I can not wait to share them with you!  -Bella Q

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