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Blooming with Helga, the FINALE

By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz

Blooming with Helga, the FINALEBlooming with Helga, the FINALESo my Portland adventure has come to an end. In it, I got to follow a dream, which was to meet face to face someone I most admire, and make some wonderful new friends. I got to glimpse an awesome and culture city, and get a little clearer on what I get from blogging and relish some benefits of it. Thanks to some special sponsors, this adventure was made possible. Thanks to you, dear friends and readers, this adventure was made more enjoyable. I don't want it to end, and perhaps there's a part of me that fears that when I stop relating to you my meeting with Helga, the experience will end.
Blooming with Helga, the FINALEBut it doesn't really have to. Does it?
I'm wondering if it can be the beginning.
Blooming with Helga, the FINALE
Here are some things I learned from my little adventure.
1) To make things happen, you make things happen. In the words of Nike: JUST DO IT.The fact that I got to meet some one I admire who lives on the other side of this planet, makes me feel so fortunate! In the past, I would have just wished to do it, then settled back into my daily routine. Lately, I've been a woman of action, so I figured out what I needed to do to be able to make this happen, and I got it done. 
2) People who are comfortable with themselves, are also comfortable with you. In meeting Helga, G-Star and Krista for the first time, I was struck with how genuine and real and warm they were. All share a way about them that put me instantly at ease. Thinking about it, I recognize that each of them are very comfortable in their own skin, and so it's easy for them to totally accept others for how they are. I'm a bit intense, loud talking and scattered, not to mention full of all sorts of anxieties, but I felt accepted by them, as is, and could relax and be myself and enjoy the day. They were such wonderful company!
3) It is important pack smart when traveling. Wearing my breathable, wrinkle free Karina Dresses made me feel appropriate dressed and comfortable in all my tourist activies, and kept my travel bag light and easy to transport.
Blooming with Helga, the FINALEBlooming with Helga, the FINALEBlooming with Helga, the FINALE
4) Fashion gets Meta. The age we live in is as much bubble up, and trickle down when it comes to fashion influences, but it is also peer-to-peer. Thanks to the internet, personal style blogs and other networks of sharing real life style, our fashion is influenced by more than designers dictating what's in and what's out- we now can find real life people we can relate to, and be inspire by their style. The new celebrity is now the non-celebrity. Helga and Krista have more influence on my style choices than Prada, Marc Jacobs or a fashion magazine like Vogue. 
I could just as easily reference a look by my peers, my fellow style sisters than to imitate high fashion look from the past or present. Celebrity is curling in on itself- we now refer to each other, rather than a movie star or fashion model in an inspired look. When we were shopping, Helga, Krista and I kept pulling dresses of the racks and saying things like: that is SO Desiree, or Vix, or Sarah! We all nodded and understood the (very personal) style reference. 
5) I need to get out more often! As in travel, explore and learn about new places. This world is an interesting place.

Blooming with Helga, the FINALE

Blooming with Helga: Life feels fantastic hanging with the gorgeous Helga. Frocks c/o Karina Dresses

I never would have dreamed when I started this blog a few years ago, it would take to the places that I've gone. I've got to do some pretty fun things, and meet some incredible people because of this blog. In the last month alone, I've been fortunate to meet fellow bloggers that I've long admired, and make some new friends. This is a pretty good life. I'm lucky to be surrounded by supportive and positive people, and if you're reading this, and rooting for me, please count yourself among them. THANK YOU.
Blooming with Helga, the FINALE
Photo Credits: Photos taken by G, Helga, Me and Krista. Used with permission.

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