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Posted on the 16 December 2011 by Meek_the_geek

BloomersBloomers is a web series, set in contemporary L.A., which debuted a couple of weeks ago. You can watch the episodes that have aired thus far here.

The pilot introduces all seven members of the ensemble cast, though the one we get to know best is Francesca (Fernanda Espindola), a fashion designer. Fancesca comes off like an uber-bitch, but we’re able to forgive her in short order when we learn she’s not feeling so well. Her mid-day barf break ends with her hand resting on her lower abdomen–TV shorthand for “Oh shit, I’m pregnant.”

Quick snippets of dialog tell us what we need to know about the others: Brooke is the sweet gay BFF (played by show creator Matt Palazzolo), Karen is the slut, Joanna is the demure Muslim woman, Ross is the good guy (a Ted Mosby, if you will), Lilla is the uptight career gal, and Clarissa is the virtuous married woman.

Although the pilot title is “L.A. Baby” there’s nothing indicative of L.A. about it; it could be about a group of 20-somethings in any urban setting. Most of the characters work together at a company that designs sexy underwear. That setting should provide fodder for plenty of humorous situations.

At 11 minutes, this pilot runs long for a web series; there is a lot going on. The dialog is a bit stilted, but there are some funny one-liners, like, ”You look droopy. Like sad, not boobs.” It ends, though, with a tender scene between Brooke and Francesca, where we learn that they have been friends since fourth grade. He is the one she opens up to about being pregnant, and he is fully there for her. We understand that, while the other relationships among the group will ebb and flow to provide the show’s drama, this one will be a constant.

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