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Bloody Predictions: Week 3

Posted on the 23 June 2012 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

Bloody Predictions: Week 3


What can I say… our week 2 predictions have left some of us anemic in the point department. Nymerias and I only picked up 5 this week where as Evie picks up 11 with her picks. And yes, Eric looks fabulous in period dress

Bloody Predictions: Week 3

As for Erika, 2 of her picks were spot on giving her 10 points. However, I am torn on how her prediction that “Eric and Pam’s flashback scene will be the BEST flashback scene EVER.” should be scored. Flashbacks are tricky things… especially when we have a “strong” feeling that there is more to come. So I am turning this one over to you guys as our Instant Replay Booth for your judgment


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This poll will remain open through Sunday.

In the meant time, are scoreboard is like this:

  • Evie = 26
  • Erika = 25*
  • B = 18
  • Nymerias = 10


Its still a close game with just 2 episodes down, time to lock in our picks for episode 3!

Our predictions for “Whatever I am, You Made Me” are:



  1. Bill and Lorena in the flashback
  2. Jessica meets a fairy and wants to party
  3. Eric will release Pam (from the scenes where he said My child you were born into greatness)



  1. Bill and Lorena will be the murderers, in Pam and Eric’s flashback.
  2. The vampire kid gets staked by Roman.
  3. Eric and Pam will have sex in the flashback.



  1. Sam will help Tara
  2. The Pam/Eric flashback will be too short.
  3. Pam will refuse to help Sookie (and change her mind in ep.4 after she’s reunited with Eric)



  1. Sookie and Pam will not be on speaking terms at the end of the episode.
  2. Steve Newlins role will be more revealed
  3. Eric and/or Pam will twitter trend


What do you think? Are we going to be called offsides or have a flag thrown at us? What are your picks for this week?


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