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Bloody Predictions: “Life Matters” (6.09)

Posted on the 10 August 2013 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover


Say it isn’t so. This week marks our predictions for the penultimate episode for this seasons True Blood. A thought that has made us so blue we needed some extra time to look into our internet crystal ball to see what may be in our future… and how we can add to our scores to win our little game of Bloody Predictions. 

Speaking of scores, let’s check to see how we did after last week’s episode and who feels literally like “Dead Meat”. Cause 1 pulled a perfect score while another pulled a goose egg, leaving 2 of us smack dab in this middle.

Our friends Missie and Carissa were the fortunate ones to have pulled the perfect score with Erika missing out on all points for this week. Nymerias and I are in the middle with this one gaining 11/10 points each missing out on full points in part by the Compton/Lilith blood line (there is always a way to blame Bill somehow).

Thus leaving us ranked with 2 more episodes to go:

  • Missie/Carissa – 88
  • Nymerias – 85
  • B -84
  • Erika -65

Our race for the top spot is going to go down to the wire. I find it fitting that this week’s episode is (now) called “Life Matters” cause we are playing for our points “lives”.

After a lot of thought on Erika’s punishment from missing the deadline… and feed back about second chances… we are letting her double up this week to make 6 predictions.

Here is what we think will happen this week.


  1. It will be Eric who rescues the other vamps from the vamp camp, not Bill.
  2. Sookie will try to keep Warlow safe, but we’ll know by the end of the episode that she’s in danger from him.
  3. That vamp that catches fire in the promo? That’s Steve Newlin.


  1. Bill will get too aggressive and demanding about Ben coming with him to vamp camp that Sookie changes her mind about letting him go and zaps him out of the faemetary.
  2.  Eric will come to vamp camp, kill Overlark and then head to Gen Pop to look for his progeny where he notices Jason is in a weakened state and heals him with his blood.
  3. Jason and Sarah will have a confrontation outside of vamp camp and after he cannot bring himself to shoot her, she runs up the stairs of one of the tanks(? whatever they are lol) where he gives chase and she falls to her death.


  1. Eric will lead Pam, Tara, Willa and others out of Vamp Camp after racking up a huge body count. (Please do not drink every time you have a dead body on the screen)
  2. Bill will realize that he is able to get in and out of the faemetery with out Sookie’s assistance. He will leave her tied up next to Warlow before going after Eric
  3. Sarah Newlin will meet her end this episode, but it will not be by Jason’s hand. She will inadvertently kill herself


  1. Arlene will have a breakdown at Terry’s funeral while all of Bon Temps looks on.
  2. Benlow survives almost being drained, but Sookie refuses to let him go until he’s completely healed. Bill doesn’t like this so he gets violent, forcing Sookie to zap him right out of fairyland.
  3.  Eric will get his hands on Dr. Overlark’s formula and will destroy it. Then Eric (with Bill’s help) will feed the vamps in Vamp Camp so they can walk in the sun – except for Steve Newlin who will die when the roof opens up in the white room, for betraying the vampire race to the humans.
  4.  Jason will chase Sarah throughout Vamp Camp, wanting her to let the vampires go. He will corner her on the rooftop of the building and will threaten her with a gun, but won’t kill her.
  5.  Sookie will see Benlow’s dark side for the first time this episode. (Yes, a repeat from last week. Lol)
  6.  During the funeral, mourners will remember Terry through flashbacks.

I think we all may be on target this week, don’t you agree? Let us know what you think


Sound off below!


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