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By Shugavery @ThinkIncognito
I consider blogging creating. And to create content it needs some juice and lately mine has just dried up. It has come to this point because I am procrastinating, thinking too much. Hence the reason why when I stumbled upon the quote on the top by Ray Bradbury, it just rang a bell in my mind.

I am in no way an artist but heck I write three posts a week ! To be able to do so I am always looking for informations on the internet, in books, in magazines, in everything that will learn me something. After that comes the brainstorming. I am in no way an artist but I sure work my brain off to write my posts and I am enjoying it. But to continue enjoying it I need some rest.Ray Bradbury's quote totally convinced me to stop for two weeks blogging in order to not think but just write my posts.To have my blogging juice come back I will do everything I want and things I've always postponed indefinitely :- Read. You don't know how much I miss reading a good book. Technically I read a lot but nothing that makes my imagination works, you know everything related to international relations. As far as my studies are interesting, they just make my brain goes dry. Is it me or I am missing my time as a student in italian literature ?
- Going out. I think my bottom has begun to have the same shape as my desk chair. Sunny days are coming back and walking by the streets of Bologna is definitely inspiring as it is the time of the year when they are more and more vintage markets, street artists and cultural demonstrations.- Film the town. I'll be leaving Italy for an other country at the end of June, so I thought that using the video camera my dad gave me would be the right thing to do to create good memories.- Take pictures. My Agfa Flexilette and my Rolleiflex are watching me with despair. They absolutely need me to use them  and I absolutely need them to improve my photography skills. Something I've said often but didn't do, aaah my procrastination disease !- Have a look to Amanda de Cadenet show The conversation. Since I have seen an interview of her on Garande Doré blog I promised myself to take time to watch her show. Again an other thing to erase of my procrastination list.So here are the things I am going to do during my blogvacations to find back my blogging juice.  I don't know if reading this will be of any interest to you but I just wanted to share it with you. 

Though you won't see any post, I'll be tweeting and posting on Facebook, so pay me a visit there and see you on May, 6th !

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