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Blogs You Should Check out

By Girlontheriver @girlontheriver

Over the last few weeks I’ve been adding a few blogs to my blogroll, but according to my stats not many of you have been clicking on them (go straight to the naughty step).

I think this is a shame, so I’m going to introduce you to a few of them in a bid to encourage you to check them out.

First up, since this is primarily a blog about rowing, is Inner Rowing. This one’s written by a rowing coach and it’s perfect for anyone interested in the technical side of how rowing works and what makes a good rower. There’s a lot of science and a bit of psychology and the odd bit that goes over my head. But it’s good stuff, so have a read.

Next on my list – and especially if you’re after something a bit lighter for weekend reading – is Something about rowing… ? - a title that gives no clue to the crazy world that is this blog. Yes, there’s a bit of rowing in it, but there’s also a lot of drawing, and the drawings make me laugh. A lot. By the way, don’t read it if you’re squeamish about rude words – it’s a bit sweary.

Finally, for anyone who needs a break from rowing – and God help us, we all need a break from rowing every now and then – is the endlessly fascinating world of female bodybuilding, as revealed by The Fit Writer – aka Nicola Joyce, a journalist friend of mine. Nic is, by her own admission, a bit of an extremist. In her time she’s been a cross channel swimmer and a triathlete, and when that wasn’t enough of a challenge, she decided to change her body shape and composition completely. In the space of just a few months she’s become a rising star in the world of bodybuilding (note: all natural – no steroids allowed). This blog follows her journey. She’s funny, strong as hell and has a fit dog.

That’s enough for you to be getting on with. Please comment and tell me what you think, and recommend some blogs of your own.

Have a great weekend.

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