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By Maradam @laura_fash

Blogs and blogsLately I’ve had a love-hate relationship with blogs. The ones I read, the ones I am obsessed with, the ones I didn’t know, the ones I don’t read but everybody else does… I don’t know if it’s with me or there’s something not clicking right here. Every morning, I open my Bloglovin to find about 150 blog updates. Some people update their blogs 4 times while I sleep, some people hadn’t blogged in a while and then update it on a random Monday night, some people don’t update it at all. My routine has become something like this: scrolling down to my favorite blogs to see if they updated it. If yes, I click away to get my fresh news on. If not, I get depressed. Why aren’t they updating!!! They are my source of inspiration, they are my favorites, they are…aghhhhh, and then I refresh a thousand times to see if they updated in the last 20 minutes and Bloglovin is hiding it from me. No, nothing. Jeez, these people may have a life. When I have checked and re-checked my favorites, which I don’t want to share because they are mine… does anybody else have this? Feeling that you own and can’t share a blog because you feel like other people don’t know it and you don’t want them to steal it from you? I do, I have a handful of blogs that I am not willing to share because I like to enjoy them in silence and don’t want people to say “oh yes I also saw that post on x and x”. Crazy like that.

Next step on my blog reading is “marking as read” the ones that apply to one or all of the following: 1. I am not interested, 2. there’s 10 more posts with the same name, 3. another outfit post girl? How many times do you change clothes in a day?

So, out of 150 updates I mark as read around 50. 1/3 of them, wow. Some blogs still have some updates when I mark as read one of their posts, and that I read, because I am truly interested after marking everything away. Then I read the blogs that I check daily, because they wouldn’t be such thing if I didn’t read them every day. There are big and small blogs here, and everything in between. Fashion blogs, beauty blogs, running blogs. If you’d see my Bloglovin list you would be confused, but amazed.

When I am done with all of that, which can take hours, I check the blogs that EVERYBODY in this planet reads, just to keep it real and be able to talk about the big bloggers when they come up in conversation. You know what I mean, everybody discusses blogging during xmas lunch.

And then I am left with like 6 to 10 blog updates that I don’t know what to do with. I mean, they are fine but if I didn’t click on them before there might be a reason, a 6th instinct. And I do a terrible thing, I mark them all as read. Bam, 0 unread posts.

Enough rambling, how do you read your blogs? Who’s your favorite? Do you also keep blogs as secrets?


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