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Blogging with a School Or a Job

By Maddy1704 @unstitchedd
Blogging with a School or a Job
I posted a couple of weeks giving 3 of my top tips to keeping organised with your blog, and since it went down so well, I thought I'd continue with the theme and give some pearls of wisdom on managing a blog whilst holding down a full time job or attending school. Across my time of blogging myself I've tried and tested several tips to try and keep my blogging as consistent as possible and whilst they don't always work, they definitely make a hell of a lot of a difference! 
Keep a Notebook of Ideas and To-Do's - I like to keep a list of all my ideas for upcoming posts and features so that I don't run out. I like to keep it in a physical book, but if you prefer, using Google's Editorial Calendar is another great choice, as it allows you to access it on the go and change your mind when you want.
Schedule Posts - These is one of the single most useful tools for me as a blogger. Using blogger, I can schedule posts to go live at a certain time, meaning that I can have a backlog of posts ready to go and keeping my posting time consistent - something that really helps readers know when to check back for more. If you're into social media, there are also apps to schedule your tweets etc. such as Hootsuite which really helps you to get maximum engagement.
Make the most of the light - Thanks to the awful UK light, it's pretty difficult to keep on top of photography if you're trying to fit it in when you get home in the evenings. Soft box lighting helps so much, but if you don't have it then its a great idea to have a mass shoot at the weekend when the natural light is good, and then have all your photos ready for the week ahead. This also saves time on setting up etc, as you only have to do it once, rather than multiple times.
Take a Break - Sometimes its not always going to work out, and that's okay. There's no need to apologize for the lack of posts, after all its your space to do with what you want, and blogger burnout's just inevitable at some point. Take a break, refresh your brain and get back into it as soon as you feel ready!
I hope you enjoyed this post, do you have any more to add?
P.S. This post was a collaboration post with Laila from Townhouse Palette, to see her tips click here 

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