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Blogging | Why I Love The Blogging Community

By Megan Lillie @meganjanelillie
Blogging | Why I Love The Blogging CommunityAs my fingers are tap, tap, tapping away, I'm smiling from ear to ear just thinking about the positives of the blogging community.
The past year or so, we've been so quick to jump down other's throats at something. (I use 'we' as a blogging community collective, not particularly myself!).
There are some things I get; non-disclosed adverts are so embarrassing and people looking down on you can be so frustrating and rude. (Remember where you came from guys and gals).
I feel like what we've done has gone from simply acknowledging and calling out the negatives, to down-right fully focusing on them as a whole and that saddens me. 
Because you know what?
I love the blogging community.
I love the community that supports each other in times of sadness, heartbreak and loneliness.
I love the community that stands up for each other when someone talks shit or down to one of us.
I love the community that celebrates one another's achievements and opportunities.
This post was inspired by the #BloggersBlogAwards coming round again and people starting up that conversation which made me think of the last two year's ceremonies (of which I was lucky to attend both and win two awards!).
It makes me so super happy to see everyone encouraging and celebrating each other.
I popped a little mini-thread of some photos from the previous year and my heart immediately filled with so much joy. 
THESE ARE MY FRIENDS. These are my people. This is our community that I know and love.
The community that will go out of their way to support something that you produce.
The community that will never fail to make you smile and giggle when you need it most.
The community that will give you advice on whatever you need, beauty, love, fashion, friendship, life.
I could have created a really cutesy, flat-lay stylised image for this post, but how boring would that have been?
Blogging is about real moments, with real people - and these are the most real of them all.
I have met so many beautiful people from so many beautiful walks of life and it has inspired me to be a much better person.
I have met people who inspire me. People I have learnt things from. People who have warmed my heart. People who have been there for me. People who have cheered me on. People who I've clicked with instantly.
& I couldn't be more grateful. 
Megan. xo*Some posts may contain PR/Gifted samples, please read my disclaimer here for further information*

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