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By Megan Lillie @meganjanelillie
Bayswater, London There is a new social app in town, and it seems to have taken everyone by storm. What started as something to send ugly selfies to your mates, is now a multi-million £ business.
You know what I’m talking about, that little white ghost – Snapchat! I remember when it first came about, I used it for around a week or so then got mega bored. How many triple-chinned photos can you send to your mates, eh? But not now, now I’m hooked! You can watch me at ‘meganjanelillie’ by the way! From snapping my current thoughts to sharing try-on hauls – I’m smitten. Here’s a quick down low on some of the people that I love to watch on there…
AndiniRiaa – I absolutely love Andini, and so pleased that I have met her in the flesh! I absolutely love watching her ventures in and around London and beyond! She always visits the most snapchat-worthy (move over Insta!) places and I’m constantly adding places to my list. Also, she meets ALL of the celebs, like ALL of them! So jealous!
HannahMichalak – I’m obviously a huge lover of Hannah’s weekly vlogs with her beautiful family, but I love seeing the uncut version on Snapchat! She seems like such a lovely lady and it’s great to follow her days along with her. Seeing Gracie grow up and become a hilarious little toddler has been brilliant, their family is a treat.
JemmaMorgan – So, colourful Jemma is probably one of my favorite people I’ve met through blogging. She’s full of life, love and is a real cute character. I just love watching her and her partner Gary chill at their house and have a laugh, and when she is drunk, she is bloody hilarious! What an absolute babe.
LivPurvis – Now c’mon, we all know Olivia. She’s that adorable fashion blogger who’s taste is spot on in so many ways. Well, her snapchat is just as fabulous. It’s amazing to see the less-edited version of Liv, apart from the odd filter or two! She’s such a sweetheart!
Who do you love on snapchat? Share them in the comments below!
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