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Blogging About Creative Outdoor Areas

Posted on the 29 April 2015 by Dfennell @BloggerGo


One of the keys of many great blogs is having excellent descriptions of the environment in which an event is taking place. You can have tons of great information in your blog post. You can have amazing and accurate quotes from people who are speaking at an event. You can have an incredible call to action. But if your descriptions of the place of the event aren’t vivid enough for people to really submerse themselves in your writing, then you’re missing out on a big piece of the literary puzzle. For three examples, consider describing patios, landscaping, or outdoor themes as centerpieces for outdoor descriptions.

The Patio As the Centerpiece   

Either in back yards or as established communal areas in parts or associated with businesses, patios are often the center gathering ground for an event. This may be because that’s where the food is. Or maybe that is where the equipment is set up for some kind of performance. Being able to describe a patio in detail will guide your readers almost immediately into an environment. A red cedar patio kit surrounded by plants has a certain look and feel to it. A largely metal or plastic patio has a different feel. Pay attention to detail regarding height, weight, and weathering. Really dig in to potential emotional connection to the readers.

The Landscaping As the Centerpiece

People who pay attention to their own landscaping want you to pay attention to it as well. That means when you’re writing about any kind of an event where professional landscaping is present, you should be writing about it. Follow the lines with your eyes. Pay attention to flowers, bushes, trees, and write about them. Find out how to connect the message you’re conveying in you blog relates to the surrounding outdoor area, and thread those connections together with your words. Read up on some landscaping terms as well, before you do your writing, to make sure that your use of language is appropriate.

Outdoor Themes As the Centerpiece  

In wedding blogging, how important is it to be able to describe the setting? Absolutely vital. Which points to the fact that whenever you have a blog post that is talking about a themed event, you have to get the descriptions in there for the surrounding area. By giving the reader those details, especially as related to the theme, you’re giving their minds and imaginations something to hold onto other than the idea of marriage, or whatever else theme is present, and making the experience that much deeper and more memorable. Everyone will appreciate your attention to environmental details as their own memories fade about what was there, but your blog post will be a constant reminder that everything was recorded.

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