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Bloggiesta 2012 - Starting Line

Posted on the 30 March 2012 by Darthclavie @DarthClavie

Bloggiesta 2012 - Starting Line

PEDRO says Hi!!!

Hello everyone! Its that time of the year again, time to say Hello to Pedro once more and kick off Bloggiesta, a wonderful event hosted this year by It's All About Books and some other wonderful bloggers. It originated on Maw Books Blog and I look forward to it every year. 
Bloggiesta is all about improving your blog, and sharing the experience with other people. This NOT about READING. This is not a Read-a-Thon, but rather a Blog-Improvement-thon.
Starting Friday, March 30th and until Sunday, April 1st, we party Bloggiesta style! Anyone can join! All you need to do is have a to-do list and work hard at it. 
Originally, I was going to skip it this year because I'm slammed with work and stuff to read and whatvs, but in the end, I decided to do a Bloggiesta Lite and just tackle some stuff I've been letting fall to the side 'cause of real life (like updating my review index). 
Bloggiesta 2012 - Starting Line

Ode to Bloggiesta
Another year,
Bloggiesta is here,
May the PedroBe ever in your favor,
Let the Games Begin! 

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